Written by Al

25 Oct 2003


My name is Al and i am married to a nice but sexually boring girl and have always wondered what it would be like to have sex with another guy !

I searched the net looking for ideas when i found an advert for a gay sauna in Rochdale Lancs. I gave them a call, and after getting the low down on the place decided to give it a try.

I went in was shown round and then got changed. I then went for a look round wearing just a towel and ventured into the steam room, where i saw a guy on his knees giving two guys a blow job. I watched as he sucked them both off wishing it was me with two cocks in my mouth, and hoping that later i would get my chance.

I went for a shower and then went in to the private room where i saw several guys, all sucking and fucking each other. A young lad came and sat next to me and we watched the action together. We started chatting and i told him that i was married but wanted to do it with a guy.

He was also married but had been to the sauna before. He asked if a wanted to go for a play and told me about a massage room that was available, so off we went.

Once in the room he took my towel away and looked at my cock, very nice he said and let his own towel fall away. I looked at his cock which was fully erect like mine. He took hold of my cock and began to wank me, i was turned on and when he dropped to his knees and sucked me my knees went weak. After a few minutes i was desperate to feel and suck his 7 inch cock.

I lifted him up and he got on to the massage table, his cock standing straight up, rock hard. I took it in my hand and wanked him, it felt smooth, hard and warm in my hand, i was desperate to suck it and told him so.

He put his hand behind my head and pushed me down towards his cock, i didn't need asking twice and lowered my mouth onto his cock, wow it was sensational !! i immediately started to suck and wank his hard cock it felt fabulous in my mouth. Whilst i was bent over he took hold of my cock and wanked me, this made me go faster on his cock and i sucked it as hard as i could. I could feel him bucking under me and could tell he was about to come. A few seconds later he said 'god i am coming' and i waited for the moment to arrive sucking as hard as possible then he came and i felt his spunk shoot in to my mouth, there was lots of it and i made sure i got it all. When he had finished i lifted my head up and washed his come round my mouth. It was warm and quite thick, but i didn't think it tasted salty as i was expecting.

I opened my mouth and showed him his come and he said 'swallow it' so i did !! It was great.

He told me to lie down on the table and then sucked and wanked me until i came in his mouth and returned the favour by swallowing my come.

I felt absolutely exhausted and was completely drained in more than one sense of the word. We showered and then left the sauna and both went our separate ways.

I got home to my wife and she asked me if i had had a good day !! i was dying to tell her but couldn't, but took great pleasure in pushing my tongue in her mouth when she kissed me, thinking that only half an hour earlier my mouth was full of a young lads cock and spunk. I chuckled to myself whilst i ate my tea.

I would love to repeat the experience but with a couple so that i could suck a husbands cock in front of his wife, so if you would like to contact me, then do so at albserv@yahoo.co.uk

It would be great to hear from you !!