Written by ormskirkcock

22 Jan 2007

I've always loved dressing in womens clothing ever since i was a teen and fantasised about taking cocks in my mouth and my arse. A couple of years ago i decided to take the plunge and find myself a cock to play with. I was on my own one evening after work, dressed in suspenders, panties and a basque (was slightly horny)! and decided to call a gay chat line. I eventually got chatting to a guy who was on his way home from work and we decided to meet for car fun.

I met him in a local car park and got in - he was a nice guy - 40's, polite. I was so bloody horny and nervous at the same time but he put me at ease. We drove to a secluded spot and got out of the car.

I stripped off my normal clothes revealing my slutty attire and got on my knees to receive his hard cock. He unzipped and started wanking in my face. I slowly licked and sucked his cock for about 5 minutes as he became more excited. He suddenly pulled me up and bent me over the bonnet of his car, my legs spread wide. I could feel him pulling my panties to one side as he slipped his fingers into my arsehole. I was so turned on i could have cum there and then. I felt him stop as he was putting a rubber on then suddenly i was impaled on his hard cock. The feeling was amazing. He pumped his cock in me for what seemed like hours - fucking me hard and deep. Then i felt him tense as he jetted his spunk into the condom, still deep in my arse.

We met quite a bit after that and he turned me into a real cum slut.....but thats another story....