Written by Tom

30 Mar 2005

a few years ago while working away i met a guy from Scotland. we were the only 2 in our group who weren't from around the same area and due to this we tended to stick together away from the main pack. we both went home after the job was done and got on with our lives but we remained in constant contact and regularly i would visit him in his neck of the woods and vice versa.

all i knew from him in the early meetings was that he had been to public school and so i asked him if it was true what they said about the goings on at these places(State Comp me) and he said it did go on and that he had had some 'indirect experience' but nothing to write home about so to speak. one thing i noticed early on was that he was very sexually liberated in that he talked openly about things such as porn and would walk around his room bollock naked - that sort of thing and it was on one of these occasions that i saw his cock for the first time. he was getting dressed and i couldn't help but look at it...it was magnificent, bearing in mind it was slack it was at least 5 inches long and looked really thick easily putting what i had to shame.

one night after a full day on the piss we ended up back at my place and he asked was it ok to put on one of my many porn tapes. i said sure and would he mind if i sat with him and watched it to which he said no. AT THIS POINT I MUST STATE I HAD NO PRE CONCEIVED IDEA OF WHAT WAS TO FOLLOW but while watching and talking i saw him slide his hand into his pants and freely fondle himself. all of my other mates put cushions on their laps in this scenario but i really got off on the fact he felt relaxed enought to do this in front of me, after all we weren't THAT close personally at the time. he asked did i mind to which i said 'no, make yourself at home' at which point he stood up and removed his pants and undies to show off this really stiff great looking cock which i could see clearly due to the light off the TV screen. 'This is what i do at home' he said and calmly sat down and continued to watch TV, talk to me and stroke his cock at the same time. now it was fully erect and i just sat staring at it. he noticed this and asked was i ok with it. i said it was fantastic and that i wished mine was similair to which he laughed. i was entranced by it and really wanted to look closer at it so i asked him would he mind if i touched it. he said not at all so i wont over and took hold of only the 2nd ever cock that had been in my hand(mine being the first)it was veiny, but really thick and it felt so warm. i slowly moved my hand up and down the thick shaft - slowly at first then faster and then slowly again. he just sat back and carried on watching the screen as i continued to stroke this huge moster in my hand. he then closed his eyes as he really seemed lost in the rhythm of my stroking - after all this was unexpected for him to - i then asked myself what it would be like to have it in my mouth and nervously goaded myself to lean forward and in doing so i parted my lips and placed the tip of his cock between them. he later told me that up to this point his eyes were still shut but the feel of my lips shocked him for a split second, he said he looked down, saw by head in his lap and promptly closed his eyes again. i was now in a quandary cos i just didnt know what to do next - i hadn't planned for this moment in my life cos it was just never gonna happen but i thought back to what my fiancee does to me during oral and what i like and this is what i decided to do here. i began to run my tongue around his huge bell end. it felt really warm and didnt leak like mine did with pre cum, it smelt and tasted really nice so i then opened my mouth wider and slid his tip and shaft right into my mouth and to the back of my throat - i couldn't take the lot as it was too long but here i was sucking cock just like my girl does to me. i increased the speed of which i was sucking and i felt and heard him tremble slightly - he was really getting into it and enjoying the moment and i kept up this pace for about ten minutes after which my mouth was beginning to ache so i decided to stop and continue wanking him. as my mouth was now empty we started to talk again and i asked was he ok with this to which he said it was a bit weird but he was fine with it. i then decided i may as well go the full hog and make him cum so i kept vigorously wanking this huge cock until he told me it was time he then let out a moan(one i know well myself) as his seed shot out of his cock and onto his naked stomach.

we have since had repeat performance over the last few years and things have progressed somewhat.