Written by martin

23 Sep 2006

last week me who is 31 years old and my girlfriend who is 19 years old and abit tipsy went over to high beech in epping forest after leaving a night club for some car fun it was about 3am we parked up in the carpark next to the toilets and pub and we got in the back of the car i pulled my cock out and she started to suck it taking it deep in her mouth i had my fingers up her tight shaved pussy while this was going on a car pulled up opposite us and switched off its engine we was abit paranoid thinking who or how many people there was in the car as we could not see out of the steamed up windows so we stopped what we was doing and sat there for a minute then i decided to get out and go for a slash to investigate i looked in the other car and i saw just one middleaged man sitting in it so i got back in the car and told my g/f that it was just an old man nothing to worry about so she then suggested that we give him something to look at for a laugh i was a bit nervous but i agreed so we turned the interior light on and she took off her top and bra to expose her sexy little breasts i proceeded to lick and suck them and finger fuck her she pulled my cock out of my jeans and sucked me off again i then took her skirt and knickers off leaving her butt naked as she bent over to suck me off i fingered her ass and pussy from behind. then i heard a car door open and then shut i looked out but could not see nothing i then opened the window and took my jeans and boxers off as it was very hot and steamy. then she sat on my cock and started to ride me fucking me hard gripping me hard with her tight pussy muscles i then noticed out the window the man from the other car creeping around out side playing with his cock i wispered this to my g/f and she laughed and said thats ok it turns me on and asked me if we should let him join in i was shocked but the idea turned me on so i said its up to her so she continued to ride me and called out to the man to have a closer look he slowly walk up to the car and i said you can have a feel of her tits if you want he was shocked and asked her if it was ok she agreed he started to foddle her small pert tits and i asked him to get in the car he got in, my cock was still in her pussy at this time his cock was hard as a rock as he was rubbing her body playing with her nipples she then opened his zip on his trousers and pulled his cock out and statrted to wank him off she looked at me to get my approval i winked at her and she then went down and put his cock in her mouth she was sucking him hard licking his helmet i then put my finger up her ass and opened the car door and bent down and i started to lick her ass and pussy from behind i then put my cock up her ass and fucked her hard she was moaning and groaning with her mouth around the other mans cock he started to finger fuck her pussy i could feel his fingers in her pussy i could hold back any more and i shot my load up her ass i pulled my cock out and the spunk was dripping out she the climbed on top of the man and guided his cock into her tight shaved pussy she fuck him hard bounceing up and down on his cock she climbed off and layed down on the back seat she then demanded that he licks her pussy .he started to lick away at her nice big pussy lips and clitoris she was moaning and groaning and squirming around and then she climaxed he was licking up her pussy juice she then demanded that he fucks her up the ass so he spat on his fingers and started to finger her ass i was wanking myself off and about to cum again i did cum all over her tits she rub my cum in her tits and licked her fingers then she bent over and stuck her ass in the air had the other man put his cock up her cum filled ass and started to fuck her hard she was screaming with enjoyment then he pulled his cock out and she grabbed it and sucked him off deep throat him off he then annouced to warn her that he needed to cum she said cum cum with that he shot his load deep in her throat she choked and swallowed it down and licked off the rest from around his helmet and kissed his cock we then got dressed and he thanked us for a good time gaves us his mobile number and said to call if we want to do it again we then drove off and threw the number out the window.