Written by Alan

13 Sep 2004

Hello i'm Alan i'm 35 now and would like to relate the exiting

details of an experience i had 6 years ago.Although i am

straight i had often fantasised about being punished by a

strict Headmaster type, one preferably much older than myself.

I was never caned at school but as a teenager i often fantasised

about how thrilling it would be to be made to bend over.

In bed at night i'd imagine my aging Headmaster flexing his

cane as i lowered my trousers, soon he'd have me bending over

touching my toes, i imagined him drinking in the view of my

boyish backside prior to the six of the best i was to recieve.

This always got me really exited as i wanked my cock beneath

the sheets.

However it was not till many years later that i saw an ad

in a spanking contacts mag that caught my eye. It said something

about a retired headmaster seeking naughty boys of all ages.I replied,

and with butterflies in my belly i met the 70 year old Mr Parmeter at his

home, a nice semi detached in a nice street.Mr Parmeter was the very model of

charm and politeness, a somewhat doddery grey haired, but kindly looking chap

with whom i was soon discussing my secret longing over a nice cup of tea from his china tea service.

He listened with interest as i told him of my teenage fantasies, then he shocked and thrilled

me by telling me that today my bottom would be keeping it's long overdue appointment with the

cane! Putting a hand on my knee and smiling he said 'are you nervous?' 'Yes' i replied.

With that he motioned for me to go to the sideboard and open the drawer, and as i did i gasped aloud to see a

thick 2 foot long crook handled cane, i had not noticed him come up behind me as i looked at the only cane i have ever seen.

I felt his hand cup my right bottom cheek and gently squeeze it 'I'm going to spank your bottom young man' he said.

'come away from the sideboard and touch your toes' 6 hard cracks resounded around the room, he certainly did not lack strength,

and i felt my backside burning and my cock stiffen.My belly was full of butterflies as i next obeyed the command to take of my trousers,

just as in my fantasies he had me touch my toes, except this time my pants where lowered to below my cheeks. I wimpered with exitement as

much as protest as i felt his strong hands massage my arsecheeks. 'Brace yourself lad' he said as he delivered six ferocious stingers to

my bum, it was far more painful then i'd imagined before, but exiting.Afterwards Mr Parmeter offered to apply some cooling cream to my backside

and i relaxed lying face down accross his lap as he sat on the large setee.I relaxed and enjoyed the massage and i was very aroused that the old chap

was enjoying my bum,especially when he occasionally gently parted my cheeks and looked at my anus (i sensed my bottom would get another new experience

if he had his way!