Written by why is it always you

14 Apr 2006

Despite being happily married I am bi-curious and, while the thought of kissing another man repulses me, I have had some wanking and sucking fun in 3some situations. However, last week, for the first time ever, I took this to another level.

I am a regular at my local gym and try to work out at least 2-3 times a week. Last week I finsihed my work out after work quite late and headed for a shower before going home. The centre was virtually deserted as it was so late and when I entered the changing room there was only one other person in there. He was about 25 and had his back to me whilst washing himself in the shower.

Initially I paid him no attention and started to get undressed so that I could shower. I was down to my shorts when the man turned around and looked at me. he was washing his cock and balls and looking directly at me. I stopped dead in my tracks and was fixed on his cock which was now getting hard. As I pulled my shorts off I started to get wood too and had a seriously lazy lob.

I was drawn to the shower as he stood in front of me, soaking wet, wanking while looking at me cock. He was in fantastic shape and had a very impressive cock - at least 8-9 inches long and thick. I tarted showering and massaged shower gel into my 7 1/2 incher and the rest of my excited body. I turned my back to him as i washed my balls and arse.

He then came up behind me, and feeling his cock on my back, he started to wank my throbbing cock. It was awesome and I had to lean against the wall as he wanked me off. he then roughly spun me around and got down on his hands and knees to suck my cock. He took it deep in his mouth and sucked as if his life depended on it. I gasped as I looked down and saw my cock in his mouth and him wanking himself off. He then started sucking my balls and I leant back against the wall and wanked my cock furiously.

He stood up and walked around the corner, looking at me, leading the way with his huge cock. I duely followed him into the disabled changing cubicle. He looked the door and bent me over. I knew what was coming next and wanted it. He spat on his cock and my arse to lube them up and I relaxed as best I could. He then thrust his cock into my virgn arse. we both gasped - it was pain and pleasure all rolled into one. he then started to fuck me like a dog and his cock felt like it was coming out of my mouth. I reached round to play with his balls as they slapped against me with each thrust. In turn he reached around and started wanking me off. I couldnt hold back and shot several jets of cum as his cock slammed against me. as if on cue he pulled his rock hard cock out and gasped as he fired copius amounts of hot spunk all over my back and arse.

I then got on my knees and sucked his cock and balls, sucking off all his cum. i looked up at him with his cock still in my mouth and he looked down and smiled. we both then reshowered and got dressed in a hurry. I've seen him in the gym twice since, but never in the changing rooms. we just smile and nod at each other - its our little secret