Written by JAMES

8 Feb 2004

When I was 19 I was in the army in CYprus. We only wore shorts when we

were off. one evening I was in a pal"s tent just talking. He was lying on

on his bed and I was sitting on a bed a few feet away. All the lights in

the camp fused. It was BLACK dark. I could"nt resist it. I leaned over

and put my hand on his shorts. He got an instant erection. I slid my hand

up the leg of his shorts.It was hard and thick. He took my hand and said,

"come with me" He led me to the toilet block and into a room with a bath

and locked the door. He "whipped off my shorts and his own.He bent me

over.I felt his naked body against me. I panicked, and said, "I can"t

take that,it"s too big". "I"ll be gentle",he said and took my cock and

wanked me. I shot my load on the ground. He then placed my hands on the

edge of the bath and bent me over the bath and pushed my head down. I

heard him spit on his hand. He wiped it on my hole.he lubricated his cock

the same way. I felt his cock push against me as he tried to enter.As he

pushed i opened up, to accomodate his size. It was sore, and I screamed.

His hand clamped on my mouth. He paused to let me get used to it. "THEN"

he began to fuck me. I held on to the edge of the bath as he hammered it

into me. As the pain left i began to enjoy it. He fucked me for a long

time. I held on as I felt his balls thump against me.He put his hand on

the back of my head and pushed it down. He gave a loud moan and pumped

his seed into me. He stood back, pulled on his shorts and was gone.I will

never forget my first time... JAMES