Written by Dolphinboy

25 Jan 2005

I'll take you back to a time when I was 19. Myself, John, Vicky and Laura had all had a big night out and went back to John and Vicky's place for a few drinks. Anyhow, conversation for some reason turned to lesbians and John aned I tried to egg the girls on to give us a kissing display. Laura laughed and said to John "Not unless Dave sucks your cock". I laughed at this, saying that that wasn't fair, as neither of us were gay and they were only going to kiss for it. "Tell you what," said Vicky, "if you suck off John, I'll go down on Laura" This was a bit more like it, and by this point we were all giggling like girls. "You go first though". We agreed, our hearts pounding, and set to it. John slipped out his cock, which was flaccid, as this was all a bit of a laugh at this point. After some egging on, I gingerly took John's cock into my mouth. It felt very strange and unsexual, his drooping cock feeling weird in my mouth. However, soon I felt him begin to harden. The girls began to kiss and soon they were petting heavily, fondling each otherts breasts and taking off their clothes. Suddenly it wasn't a laugh anymore, and I could feel my own cock start to twitch. Soon I was drawing John's cock in and out of my mouth, really getting into it. I brought my tongue up the length of his 6 inch cock which was now fully hardened and begin to suck for all I was worth as the girls watched. I began to fondle John's arse, pulling his trousers and underpants down. I could tell from the noises John was making that he was on the brink of coming, so I stuck one of my fingers into his tight asshole. I couln't believe I was enjoying it so much. With a groan, he shot his load deep into my mouth, and I was so turned on I swallowed it all, fondling John's balls with my free hand as I did so. I opened my eyes and found that the girls were really getting into it to - they were both completely naked and were frigging each other really hard.

"Well done" said Vicky. "Time for your reward." and with Laura still fingering her, she laid me down and unzipped my fly. My aching cock sprang out, and she took it deep into her full, perfect "blow job lips". As Vicky sucked me off, I beckoned Laura over and told her to sit on my face. She didn't need asking twice. Vicky was getting very horny by now, and as I probed Laura with my tongue, she lowered her gorgeous pussy on to my 7 inch cock, sliding me deep inside her. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, Laura started to suck John off, who was making a speedy recovery and was hard again. As sucked on Laura's clit, it all became a bit too much for Danielle, and she was screaming and rocking so much she couldn't do a lot with John's cock. This is when John really surprised me. He went to the back of me and Vicky and started to finger both of our asses while she fucked me hard. Again, I was amazed at how much I enjoyed this and asked John to put his fingers deeper. John then REALLY shocked me. I couldn't really see what he was doing, but he must have found some lube, because soon he was fucking me up the arse! Beacause his penis was so small it felt amazing, especially with me inside one girl and antother cumming on my face, her juicews dribbling down my chin. Then Vicky let out a scream and I felt her pussy tighten around my cock and pulsate with a heavy orgasm. The scream set John off too, and he shot his spunk inside me for the second time. It was amazing and I had the biggest orgasm I've ever had in my life. We never did it again, but I'll never forget my one and only foursome and my first bi experience!