Written by Emily

13 Feb 2005

In my first story I told you how David my boss gave me a real seeing to after hours in his office. He gave me a lift home that night but not before he had fucked me hard again. When I got in my Mum had got back from work earlier than usual and I must have looked flustered as she asked if I was alright fine I said and went upstairs to shower. Later that evening I got a message on my mobile from David to say he was coming round on the pretext of going through some paperwork and could I explain to my Mum. Fine I said and started to prepare my pussy getting very very moist. 20 minutes later a ring on the door bell it was David. Mum let him in and he said would be alright to take some papers up to my room so as not to disturb my Mum. She said of course and he was in my room whilst I was still in just my stockings and suspenders. No need to get dressed sweetie he said you know what to do and with that he made me get on my knees and take his throbbing cock in my mouth.I sucked greedily and within minutes he shot his load right into my mouth. Imagine my horror when my bedroom door opened and I saw my Mum standing there in a lacy bra french knickers stockings and suspenders and high heels. I'll have some ofthat she said to David you need a real women and with that she bent over my bed and odered feed you long fat cock up my cunt and make it fast. David got straight to work and soon my mum was moaning and spasming as I imagine this had been her first fuck for sometime. When they finished she turned to David and said right next weekend I want you back here with a couple of well hung friends and both I and emily will want plenty of cock. So if there are any well hung men out there who would like to join David and friends and they live in the Ilford or Romford area then let me know.