Written by Andy S

14 Mar 2006

This is a true story about my first threesome experience with a couple.

I am a mid forties guy, married, but had been obsessed with having a MMF threesome with a couple for years. I finally managed to contact a couple on an internet dating site, who had plans for me to visit them in their motel to take some erotic photos. My role was supposed to be photographer and nothing more. However, things got hot beyond my wildest expectations!

I called in and met Jeff first, who was dressed in a pair of boxers. Then I met Wendy, an attractive and slim lady in her mid forties. She was wearing a black miniskirt and a see through lacy top, and the two of them looked every bit the swingers I had imagined.

We chatted for a while and the talk soon got onto swinging. Apparently, they were quite exhibitionist and liked to have sex in swingers clubs and adult movie theatres.

By now I was feeling pretty randy, but still had no idea what was in store.

Jeff suggested that I started taking photos, and the two of them started kissing and fondling each other as I happily snapped away with the camera. We all moved into the bedroom and Jeff undressed Wendy as I continued to take pictures. I was feeling incredibly turned on by this display of public eroticism.

Then a funny thing happened. The camera batteries ran flat! Jeff took the camera from me and guided by hand along Wendy's legs and back. She was lying with her back to me and all I could see was her ass. Jeff instructed me to take my clothes off. Believe me I didn't need any further suggestion! My cock bolted out of my pants and I rubbed it against Wendy's legs and back.

Wendy then rolled over onto her back to reveal the most beautiful shaven pussy. I cannot resist a smooth cunt, and my head shot between her legs and I gave her a good licking. She must have come about five times. Jeff just watched with a big grin on his face as Wendy was squirming in delight.

Jeff then gave me a condom and told me to fuck Wendy. Jeff really enjoyed being the MC and I must say I enjoyed that too. I fucked her first, then Wendy got on top of Jeff, and I was told to fuck her up the ass. I couldn't believe that I was double penetrating a complete stranger within half an hour of meeting!

I really wanted Wendy on top of me. I asked Jeff, since he was the boss, and he agreed. I lay on the bed, and Wendy said she would ride me as long as Jeff got a good view. She really knew how to please her man! So, she mounted my stiff cock facing away from me, looking lovingly at Jeff as she slid her hot cunt up and down my shaft. Jeff was really into this, and then said "is there room for two?" I wasn't sure what he meant at first, but soon found out as I felt his cock push against mine as he entered her pussy. Fuck what a feeling! There we were, two cocks inside this beautful cunt, our shafts rubbing together and balls slapping against each other as we double fucked her. I couldn't hold back any further, and I exploded inside her. Jeff, who wasn't wearing a condom, came too, and I felt his hot cum shooting over my cock inside Wendy.

I did come back the next day for some more of the same, but that was my last MMF. It was such a memorable experience, I still think about it almost every day.