Written by John

11 Dec 2004

I had seen sue and Dave advert and sent them a letter saying what I fancied, she phoned me saying that Dave likes to suck men and that she was turned on by it making her fanny nice and wet for plenty of fucking. We arrange to meet on the next Saturday I was really looking forward to it as she told me her statistics were 42-30-38 nice and voluptuous. Dave answered the door around my height 5’8 sue was sitting down wearing a white top and short skirt with some ample thigh on display my cock jerked as I introduced myself she had a nice smile making me feel at home.

We went through the normal routine of small chat along with all our fantasies then Dave said come and sit on the settee with us, so sue swashed between us I lent over and kissed her full on the lips she responded very passionately running her hand through my hair and breathing heavy. Dave winked and said she’s her horny bitch, she likes you, go on have a feel of her tits he lifted up her jumper revealing a nice pair of tits not to saggy with big nipples we both fondled them she was getting very excited, her hand were tracing my now hard dick through my trousers, she said come on boys show me what you have got, in a flash we both had our clothes of sporting nice hard cocks. Dave knelt on the settee and stuck his cock straight into her open mouth and started to fuck it, by now her skirt had risen showing her stocking and whit knickers tight up her cunt with the flaps either side I knelt down pulled of her knickers and stuck my tongue in, fuck was she wet I slurped up her juices, Dave said go on stick it in and juice it up some more so I knelt between her legs and slid my cock up her wanton pussy with ease and started to slow fuck her after a minute or so Dave said pull out and stick it in her mouth she lent forward and slurped it up and down, my pre come and hers, Dave was standing by my side with his cock all shiny I lent to the side and took it in my mouth it felt good sue said go on suck it makes me so horny she was finger fucking herself while I was still fucking her mouth all was a bit of a blur we were all sweating moaning Dave shouted he’s was going to come suddenly a thick wad of spunk hit the back of my throat and I tried to gulp it all down although some leaked out with all the movement going on, he plopped out of me and fell back on the settee telling me to stick it up her cunt and spunk into her. I got down again between her legs and thrust it back in again fucking it really hard, I wasn’t going to last long a couple of hard thrusts and I exploded deep in her womb. Dave pulled me out and dived between her legs and lapped up her come and my spunk together Sue was shouting lick it you bastard I want to come, he sucked and licked it hard the smell of sex was everywhere, not to be outdone I stuck my cock back in her mouth enjoying her licking it clean all of a sudden she tensed and bucked as she came and sucked me even harder then slumped back and we all laid there trying to recover Dave face covered with spunk and pussy juice it was a fantastic sight, a real live women enjoying the pleasure of raw sex. I will write again telling you what happened next after our recovery.