Written by Sandy

28 Oct 2003

I've not written a story before, but I thought you would like to read this. It's as accurate as I can remember it.

I had been fascinated by the sub-dom scene for a long time, but didn't do anything as everyone seemed to be so experienced. I was frightened that I would either cry off, or not come up to expectations. Maybe I wasn't really submissive at all. I certainly wasn't with my husband. Eventually, I saw an advert headed "St. Marc's School for Ladies". As usual I read it, without any real intention of replying. It said send for details, so I replied. After reading what was on offer I decided that this would be the way to find out my true role, After some initial correspondence and talking on the phone I felt i knew the Master well enough to take the plunge, so I booked a session called "Slave for a Day". I still had reservations, but it was free of charge and I could always change my mind.

I was very nervous before as I travelled to the session. A couple of times I nearly turned around and went home, and once I drove twice around a roundabout as I tried to make up my mind. I wished I had taken up his offer to meet somewhere first. I felt very foolish taking such a risk. Fortunately I pluck up courage and pressed on. I was shaking with excitement and nerves as I reached the front door. Not having any knickers on was strange as well. I don't normally go out like that, but it was a school rule.

The Master's assistant opened the door. She was younger than me, but plump and friendly. She ushered me inside where the Master stood waiting. This was it. No going back now. I stood in front of him rooted to the spot. He looked me up and down and then introduced himself. I relaxed a little bit now the ice was broken, but I was still very tense. He walked around me, looking me over. I'm in my forties and rather large, so I was dreading what he would say next. I needn't have worried. He approved. In fact he seemed delighted that I was, as he put it, a "big girl". He asked me why I was here and what I was looking for. Gaining confidence I told him I wanted to learn to be his slave and get punishments and rewards as he saw fit. He told me that this would mean doing every thing he said at all times and he reminded me about the safewords. Then he asked me if I still wanted to go ahead (provided he would accept me)? I said I did.

The Master told me to come closer. Then he put his hands on my shoulders, looked me in the eye and said, "Well let's see if I think you are suitable." He lifted my hair (it's fairly long) and let it fall. Then he took hold of it at the back. Gently, but enough for me to know that he had a handle by which to control me. He felt my breasts and then turned me around and squeezed my buttocks. Finally he sat down and I stood in front of him. "Do you remember I gave you instructions about the School Dress Code?" he asked. I replied that I did. "Then show me if you have obeyed."

I obediently lifted my skirt up, showing that I wasn't wearing anything beneath. I couldn't believe I was doing this with a man I had only met a few minutes before, but somehow it seemed right. He touched my pussy, all the while watching my face to see my reaction. I gasped as I felt his hand on me. "Turn around." he commanded. I turned. "Feet apart and bend over!" I meekly obeyed. "Further!" I bent further. I now understood what was happening. I felt very self-conscious with my large bottom on display to this strange man, with his assistant silently looking on. I should have hated every minute, but I didn't. I felt humiliated, but excited too. I was beginning to understand his strategy. This was all part of the process of bringing me under his control, and I was willing going along with it. Already I was losing the desire to refuse him. His slid his hand between my legs from behind and stroked me. "You're very wet" he said. Indeed I was. With no pants to absorb the dampness the excitement was already making me very damp. Withdrawing his hand he gave my bottom a slap and said,"You'll do!"

I stood up and was immediately reprimanded for not waiting until I was told. I bent over again until he told me to get up. He told his assistant to give me a "Slave's Contract". He sat watching while I read it. Finally I signed it and I was now his.

I should have mentioned that throughout I had been calling him "Sir". Occasionally, when I forgot he would remind me. Now if I forgot I would be punished. Sure enough within a few seconds of signing the contract I forgot to show respect. I had never been spanked before and I didn't know how I would react as he told me to bend over. He raised the back of my skirt and gave me three hard slaps. I flinched, but I didn't cry out, despite my tingling rump. "That was just as starter. They will increase each time. In future you will count the stokes and thank me afterwards."

"Take off your clothes!" he commanded , then to his assistant, "and you". We both complied. she only had one garment to pull over her head, so she undressed quicker than me and they both watched as I fumbled with my bra. "Help her!" he ordered. She came behind me and undid the clasp. As I slid the straps down my arms I felt her hands come around and grasp my breasts. "Would you like these now Master? She asked. His answer was to tweak my nipples with his fingers before taking them in his mouth. The assistant squeezed and kneaded them as he did so. Eventually he told his assistant to suck them and she hungrily took my nipples into her mouth. I had never been touched by a woman before, and I was surprised to find I was thrilled by it. Even more surprising, I never even thought to protest, or us a safeword.

As she played happily with me he asked if I had learnt the Slave Positions that he had sent to me. When I told him that I had he ordered me to assume each in turn. He assistant watched as I performed before him. Each position exposing my most secret parts.

We continued in this manner, with me forgetting to say "Sir", or forgetting to count the strokes, or to thank him, each time resulting in more punishment> Sometimes across his knee, sometimes bent over a chair. I took is stoically for a while, but eventually cried "Yellow". He immediately stopped, check to see if I was OK and then continued the next step of the session without any recrimination. Now he knew my limit he kept the punishment to a level that was just tolerable. I did so well that I was allowed to thank him with a kiss each time I was punished. By now I was blissfully happy to follow his commands to the letter.

He seemed pleased with my progress, and periodically would, out of the blue, tell me to assume a Slave Position. I soon learned to do this without hesitation. Eventually, he said I was ready to move on and he told his assistant to prepare me. She took me upstairs to the bedroom, where she told me to lie spread-eagled on the bed. She then knelt above me, her long hair hanging down around my face, Her breast close to mine. I shocked my self by groping her breasts as we waited for him to come into the room. We lay there gently caressing and playing while he undressed. Soon his hard cock was standing proudly before me. I knew where I wanted it but he had other ideas. "Now you are going to learn the expert way to suck cock, because a slave who can't do it properly is of no use to me," he said with authority. I watched as, only inches above my head, his assistant started to work on the glistening member. She licked around the end and ran her tongue along the shaft. She sucked his balls. She flicked the tip with her tongue and took it into her mouth. She moved in long slow strokes and sucked hard on the end. I watched fascinated, my juices flowing at this close up action.

Withdrawing his wet cock from her mouth she presented it to me. Still on my back I started to copy what I had seen. I had never seen someone else do it, but I was confident, as I've sucked cocks before. He seemed pleased with my efforts although he did offer advice and instructions. I learned well and, curiously enough, even after all this time I felt that I had picked up a few tips. I wonder why my husband has never told me these things. He told his assistant I was learning my lessons well and she was to reward me. I thought no more about this until, in the middle of this lesson in oral sex, I suddenly felt a hand stroking my pussy. His assistant was gently massaging me. Soon she was licking and sucking and shivers of delight went through me. Her fingers explored inside as her tongue flicked expertly on my clit. But how could this be? In not bisexual. I've never wanted a woman. I shocked myself by continuing to suck hungrily on his cock, as waves of pleasure went through me. I have heard the women know best how to pleasure a woman. Now I believe it. Not that I would tell the Master that.

I was still holding her head between my thighs when the Master said that I had begun my training well and had earned a reward from the Master. He held me and we kissed as his assistant continued her task. On his instructions she lay beside me, as he moved down and started pleasuring us both. Alternately fingering and licking each of us. Soon I was reaching another orgasm and he thrust his hard cock deep inside me I was delirious with pleasure as we fucked and kissed. It sounds ridiculous, but i really felt as if i was privileged to have earned this from the Master. Normally, I've always though the privileged one was the man.

His assistant was by now sitting up and she slipped her hand between us and massaged my clit. God! I though I would explode. Soon I was enjoying a fantastic orgasm and shortly afterward he came inside me. We lay there exhausted, but not for long. I was told to assume a Slave Position which I did and I watched as the assistant started to play with his cock to bring it back to an erection. She stoked and licked until I was told to help her. I sucked and she stroked, but I had forgotten you say "Yes Sir!" when told to help. I had to turn my bottom to him as I continued to suck and get spanked at the same time. Soon I felt his cock swelling in my mouth. When it was fully I lay on the bad with his assistant astride me in the 69 position. Then he alternatively fucked her pussy and my mouth. It took a long time but eventually he pulled out his cock and came once more. It splashed on her pubic hair, over my tits and on my face as he wanked himself to finish off. His assistant was instructed to wipe me claen with a tissue.

That's as best I can recollect it, bearing in mind I wasn't thinking clearly much of the time. At the end of the session he told me I had begun well, but there was still much to learn. I went home feeling guilty, but proud that I had achieved my ambition. I only used the safeword once, so I felt I had proven my submissive status. A few days later I received my School Report by email. This summarised my performance and confirmed that I was an apt pupil and an able slave. It detailed my strengths and weaknesses and recommended areas that I should focus in for future development.

Since then I been back three more times and I'm now totally subservient to the Master. The last time was introduced to another pupil at the same stage as me and the Master put us, and the assistant, through our paces. A further benefit is that I although I am completely submissive to the Master, I am not at any other time and my husband is unaware. However, our sex life has improved and I have even suggested that we find another woman to join us. He is now busy advertising. In the meantime I will continue to serve the Master in any way he wishes. I'm no a committed pupil of St Marc's School.