Written by Jane

30 Apr 2004

My 19 year old partner took me to a party last night.I had to wear my thigh length boots black fishnet stockings & suspenders and nothing else but a long coat to cover me until we got there.As soon as we walked in pete took my coat off and we went into this big room where all the other girls were dressed like me.we went to the bar for a drink and pete started finger fucking me.This other couple came up to us and the man looked at me and said i want to fuck you now.He made me get on my knees and rammed his cock up my cunt while his wife got under me and licked my cunt as he fucked me.Pete got between her legs and got his fist up her cunt and fist fucked her.Then he got me to lick her cunt which was wet as fuck.It was my 1st taste of cunt and i fucking loved it.Ken spunked up my cunt and sue licked it out then snogged me so i could taste his spunk on her tongue.Pete got sue to suck his cock then fucked her arsehole while she sucked this lads cock.They both shot their spunk over her and i had to lick it off her.Ken & sue are coming round to us this weekend so watch this space.