Written by Gray2003

12 Jan 2005

Now for all you lovely people out there that read these stories and tales and wonder just how many of these are made up and how many actually happened I can assure you that you are not alone….. Some seem unbelievable and almost works of fiction or wishful thinking and others totally believable making you very envious of the author….

Having been a member of this exquisite site for some time now and having taken a back seat for much of it I thought it was about time that I shared something with you all that really did happen and still sits fondly in my memory banks.

About 18 months to two years ago I used to use the usual chat rooms on the net to make contact with attractive ladies and got very friendly with this lady who shall remain anonymous other than the fact that I shall refer to her as Julie (alias). Julie and I flirted on the net for many a month talking about various subjects, likes, dislikes, hobbies you name it …. Ultimately the subject turned to sex of course, I am a man after all and Julie was a very attractive and sexy lady 5’ 7” tall of slim build size 10 to 12 and with what looked like perfectly formed 34d breasts and a nice pert bottom….. Now sadly Julie lived a couple of hours up north from me and was married to a publican whom she loved dearly and yet she displayed signs on the net that she wasn’t happy with their relationship…. Her husband was a hard working man, working all hours of the day and night to make their empire profitable and sadly for Julie’s sake he was often too tired or unable to satisfy her in the bedroom department…

We used to sit for hours on the net talking about this problem and then one day as if out of nowhere she confided in me that she had discussed the issue with her husband and he had agreed that in order to save their marriage and keep his loved one at his side he would allow his wife to sleep with another man or even men if that’s what it took. Now Julie was both excited at the prospect of having this new found freedom and yet scared witless about it all ….. At first I wasn’t sure whether I could believe all that I had heard or whether I had just been landed a gorgeous undersexed woman on my plate. Whichever it was I wasn’t about to waste this opportunity, particularly if it had her husbands golden seal of approval.

We agreed to meet halfway for a drink and a chat face to face if only to see if I could put her mind at rest as to whether or not she wanted to go through with it …. We agreed to meet up at the M25 Services at the Junction with the A1 on a Saturday afternoon. When I arrived the car park was bustling, full of travellers. We had agreed to meet in the cafeteria there and so upon arrival I sent her a text to see if she had arrived and to my joy she had and was waiting for me inside. My heart started pumping harder and faster and as I made my way to the cafeteria I was convinced that I would be driving away again within the hour having had a nice chat and laugh with an attractive woman but no more. How wrong could I be …..

Julie was exactly where she said she was sitting and as I approached her I noticed how beautiful she looked in a nice summery dress with thin straps fairly low cut showing off her ample curves and fairly short too, showing those sexy long legs of hers…… she was certainly dressed to impress and it sure worked on me as I could feel myself start to throb within my tight jeans… As I approached her she smiled and we kissed as if we had been age old friends…. We grabbed a couple of pots of tea and then sat back down again and chatted about the week that had gone before us and this and that just as if we had been sat behind the computers back home…. This seemed to settle Julie and it wasn’t long after that she brought up the subject for which we were both there….. She was still a little apprehensive about having sex with another man but then kept going back to the fact that her husband was happy with the idea and that she was so frustrated without having a good cock inside her.

Of course I did everything I could to make her feel at ease with me and she held my hand smiling at me saying how good a friend I had been to her over the past few months and that if she was going to do it with anyone it would be me that she would choose. I smiled back and told her that I was honoured to be there with her and that she too had been a good friend to me but that if she didn’t feel 100% sure about it she should not think twice about driving back to her husband right away. She smiled once more at me saying that this was what she liked about me and it was then that she gripped my hand tighter and whispered to me I think its time we went back to my vehicle.

She led me through the busy car park through all the travellers towards the back where she had parked, I asked her “where are you taking me young lady” to which she replied “you’ll soon see”…. My heart started beating even faster now wondering what was in store as I followed this gorgeous woman with a body to die for …. And then suddenly she turned to me and said “ there, do you like it !!!” I was stood facing her VW camper van, the expression on my face told it all, the big grin that went from ear to ear told her exactly what I thought of it as I held her close to me and gave her a hug….. she said its not much but far better than the car park itself eh!!! I had to agree…. We clambered in the back of the van and both Julie and I carefully closed the curtains trying not to be conspicuous even though there were parked cars all around us some with people and kids inside eating sandwiches….

Inside the van there wasn’t much space and once the curtains were closed Julie pushed herself up against me and held me tight kissing me passionately on the lips, our mouths opened and our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths exploring this new found freedom. My hands couldn’t contain themselves any longer and I roamed my hands and fingers all over her gorgeous firm body savouring every curve and every landmark along the way…. We stood and kissed like that for what seemed ages before gradually and slowly starting to remove some of our clothing ….. My t-shirt came off first as Julie let her hands wander all over my chest….. all this attention was making my erection in my jeans grow harder… eventually I managed to relieve Julie of her dress locating the zipper and sliding the narrow bands off her slender shoulders…. The dress fell to the floor as Julie stepped out of it and kicked it to one side….. I was now facing this gorgeous woman dressed in just a black lacy bra and her skimpy thong…

Wasting no more time I unhooked her bra, I remember being rather impressed at this as Bra’s and me don’t usually get on ….. this time it was no match for a man with a mission and soon it too was following the path of the dress onto the floor…. Julie looked fabulous her breasts were truly remarkable with longish stiff nipples which were just begging to be taken by me in my mouth…. As I slowly made my way down her nick with my lips I nibbled and licked my way down to her left nipple and took it gently between my lips, giving it a little suck before gripping it tightly between my lips and flicking it several times with the tip of my tongue, this sent Julie into spasms of joy and bliss and she obviously loved it so I continued with this treatment taking it in turns to see which breast and nipple had the best effect on her…. Well the answer to that one was both had the same effect as she ripped at the buckle of my belt and unfastened my jeans pulling them from me forcing me to sit on the bench whilst she removed them from me …. My erection sprang out and almost hit her face as she tugged at the jeans giggling all the time… she held my erection through my underwear and then said come on Graham lets get down to some fun…..

She then produced a Duvet from nowhere and threw it on the floor of the camper van and laid down inviting me to join her….. Needing no second invitation I kneeled down between her legs and savoured the view for a few seconds commenting on how sexy she looked and how wet her thong appeared to be….. I bent down and kissed her knees and slowly moved up her thigh nibbling and kissing licking my way to her thong then back down the other thigh to her other knee as she wriggled and sighed at the feeling of pleasure of at last having a man tend to all her needs…. I lifted her buttocks and gently removed her soaking wet thong and then sat back on my knees and asked one final time whether she really wanted to go through with this…. She just grinned back and said if it wasn’t me then some other lucky bastard from the car park would get it …. I didn’t need any more encouragement as I hooked her thighs over my shoulders and then took her with my mouth rolling my tongue around the inner and outer lips and then savouring the beauty of her clit with the tip of my tongue…. Julie was beautifully shaven down there and was enjoying every lick and suck I was giving her and then when I thrust my tongue deep inside her she moaned out loud and her body shook as she arched her back and took in her first climax holding on to the sides of the cupboards in the van as she rocked from side to side whilst I gripped her buttocks firmly and continued to service her swollen clit with my tongue, her juices rolling down my chin as I lapped up as much as I could …… she was panting fast and furious as I sucked her long and deep….. As she regained her composure she sat up her nipples standing out like missiles begging to be sucked and then she ordered me to sit on the bench as she positioned herself between my legs….

My erection was now almost tearing through the cloth of my briefs and begging to be taken by this vixen…. She took hold of my underwear on both sides and pulled down sharply as I rose slightly from the bench, my cock standing to attention….. her eyes told it all, one of delight and surprise…. I am a modest 7 inches maybe slightly more on a good day like that day and fairly thick uncut and the sight of it before Julie made her lick her lips in joy …… she cuppled my balls in her hands and gently licked between them and then slowly up and down my shaft sending shivers up my spine…. She worked her way to the top of my cock and gently slid the foreskin down and enveloped my now purple head with her tongue savouring every minute of it …. I was now leaning back against the side of the van thoroughly enjoying her attentions trying desperately to think of the 13 times table to prevent myself cumming too soon….. Julie and I had already talked about what we wanted in terms of protection and preferences so I knew she wanted me to cum in her mouth and to ride her bareback and I was more than happy to do so knowing her like I did…. Eventually I got to 68 when I thought bugger one more and I would be at 69 and then it almost became too much for me and I started to feel myself stir made worse by the fact that Julie had now taken all of my cock in her mouth and was giving me the most exquisite sucking I had ever had up to then…. She could feel I was about to explode in her as she winked at me looking up at the expression on my face as I was panting and moaning out loud and then I could hold no longer as Julie took the head of my cock in her mouth and sucked so hard I just let rip sending jets of hot cum lashing into the back of her throat as I held her head and pumped my cock in and out of her mouth as she sucked ….. bar one or two droplets she swallowed the lot and licked her lips commenting on how nice I tasted, she licked my cock clean and then sat next to me as we hugged and then kissed each other passionately again….. now being so sexy it wasn’t that long before my cock was erect again and I was rather eager to feel it thrusting inside that gorgeous looking pussy of hers that I had tasted not long before….

She too seemed rather excited at the prospect and I suggested she lay on the duvet…. I positioned myself between her legs and pulled them up once more over my shoulders and in one hand gripped her buttocks and with the other positioned the head of my cock between her vaginal lips rubbing it slowly back and forth up and down her slit against her clit… she loved this and started to push toward me as I did this trying to get me to enter her…. I resisted for all of ten seconds before leaning into her and thrusting all the way in, as I did so she shuddered and gasped out loud and begged me to fuck her hard and fast…. She was very very wet still from my tonguing earlier and got very excited when she sucked me off and now she was all mine …. I buried my shaft right up to the hilt inside her and pumped it in and out of her giving her (and me) the full benefit of my length as I fucked her on the floor of the van, our bodies were moving in unison as we grunted and ground into one another, Julie was the first to cum hard as she yelled out so loud I wondered for a split second whether someone would call the police!!! before carrying on with the delightful task of pleasuring this rampant sex machine…. In all Julie must have cum about three times in that position as it always takes me a long time to cum the second time, after the third equally loud and expressive orgasm I suggested that Julie get on her hands and knees and that I take her from behind, always a favourite of mine…. I entered her again she was nice and tight and had obviously not had sex for some time she was almost sucking me into her with every thrust, and I thought that this must be what it feels in a hoover hehe…. It wasn’t long in this position that I could feel the sap rising in my balls and I started to thrust harder and deeper into her pussy my balls slapping against her buttocks ….. I must have thrust too hard because she then fell forward onto her stomach as I fell forward with her but she begged me to continue so we carried on fucking with me laying on her back giving it to her good and proper from behind her pussy so much tighter now in this confined space…. I couldn’t last no longer as I screamed I am cummingggggggg sending a stream of my hot juice deep inside her as I thrust in deep at the point when I cum …… almost immediately Julie climaxed again bucking up and down like the wild vixen she was a I again started to pump and grind my shaft against her clit….. I could feel my cum squirting out the sides of her pussy as I pumped in deep for what seemed minutes until we both gently came to a stop, and as I pulled out gently she turned around and pulled me down and hugged me tight her nipples pressed hard into my chest and we just lay there for about 15 minutes hugging and kissing and giggling about what we had just done……

During the course of the next couple of hours we fucked and sucked each other at least 5 more times in a variety of positions with either her straddling me as I sat on the bench or me on the floor, standing up against the larder cupboard (god that made the van rock I can tell you) and her riding me sat facing away from me, all the positions we tried were fantastic with this woman and I didn’t want to leave, I was in heaven, well ok in a VW Camper van I had knicknamed heaven….. our penultimate act was to have a glorious anal session on the floor of the van and I can assure you all her arse was as memorable as her mouth and pussy…. Tight and very welcoming…. I couldn’t resist having one for the road though after she had got dressed…. I was just about to buckle up my jeans when my cock stirred so never one to waist a good stiffy I lifted her dress and slid her thong to one side and gave her one last fuck for the road and surprisingly gave her another reasonable spunking to add to the rest already up there……

We then hugged and kissed and then drew courage from one another to undraw all the curtains wondering who would be staring at us ….. and there were a few I can tell you …. Mainly men standing around their cars looking at us as we opened the curtains some had a wry smile on their faces and others I am sure were feeling their crotches wishing it had been them in there instead of me ….

I then said my goodbyes and walked to my car which was only three cars away in the same row. As I sat there I watched Julie get out of the van and make her way to the toilets in the services to clean herself up a bit before returning to her hubby…. I drove past her slowly on my way out and as I passed she said she could feel me dripping down her thighs… smiling as she did so and blowing me a kiss.

I later spoke to her on the net that night while her hubby was running the pub downstairs and she told me about the rest of the events that day …. When she got home she told her hubby about all we had done in graphic detail, leaving no details to the imagination…. He hubby got so excited that he pushed her against the fridge in the kitchen of the pub and sank to his knees and licked her out including what she had left of me in there and then fucked her senseless against the fridge ….. never before had he made love to her like that and she said it had rejuvinated their sex lives to such and extent that he could no longer keep his hands off her……

Of course this was the downside in that she no longer needed me or any other man come to that and sadly that was the first and last time we met…… but what a meeting it was…… never have I met such a stunning woman with such an appetite for sex, not just any sex but good ravenous sex……

So as you can see the memories will always be with me until I find another woman with a camper van ……. Any volunteers?

Graham (alias Gray2003)