Written by Paul

21 Jul 2004

Imagine if you can how you would feel if you had seemed to let life slip you bye. When you have passed the stage where people of the opposite sex look at you in that longing way. When someone can lift your whole week by a smile that says they fancy you sexually? I am not referring to someone who is a sad git, who sits all alone crying in the dark, feeling full of woe and worry about personal hang ups or has issues within themselves.

I found myself on Swinging heaven initially because it seemed to offer everything a guy needed. Women who wanted sex? After the initial first few adverts with no replies I kind of looked on the forums. The photo adverts raised some very tempting possibilities, but again without hardly any replies or curt ones, it seemed to be a waste of time. No one wanted an average joe, just some huge dick on legs with a body to die for. Unfortunately I am not living in that world, and unlike the Adonis guys I am not able to offer more than average Joe parts, and maybe under issued in a few! The forum offered lots of real good thrills though. Flirting became my like, and knowing I had little to no chance of meeting them, it became a game to much rewards. Actually thinking they found me good within, yet not seeing or meeting me was a nice feeling. The forum had it ups and downs. I left once, but came back and found I had some pretty close contacts. Like most guys I screwed up on a couple and almost quit again, because I did not like myself being an arsehole. I decided to keep on for a short while and as it went on I was about to pull the plug for good. However I kind of rekindled another few good friendships, which I decided would just be platonic. It was obvious now that whilst I could flirt and be ‘seen’ to be someone respectable and fun, in actual life I had problems establishing it to go further. Things went good again and I began to open up myself, as you do and before I knew it someone had become pretty close. I did not at first think anything would happen, it was one of those PM things, where you send smutty, sexy stuff for a laugh, but things sort of got interesting in the sense we made a few connections. We discussed many things and opened up to each other, and it was always on my mind how I had screwed up before, so I did not think it would ever happen, that I would meet up with anyone off here.

Both having hang ups and things we thought were important, yet feeling horny as hell, we chatted for many a day. We discussed likes and dislikes and things we thought were good. It came to light we were very much along the same lines. Instant sex was cool, but we both kind of needed something a bit more loving, but not relationship type. Not the full on snogging and likes, but obviously sex, but an overnight thing, where we could touch and explore, feel at ease and yet not be like rampant sex monsters because it was not what we needed. We exchanged pictures, and obviously both a bit unsure what the other would think. Then it became a nude shot, again more worries than anything. Then we spoke for the first time. It was brilliant because she sounded all giggly and full of life, keen to talk with me and a really lovely voice that made you know the inner person more. We did not talk sex on the phone, more just talking because we could say more on email or PM. It became obvious we would really need to meet, perhaps for a coffee, but the distance apart meant it would be overnight, so a BIG potential for something else was on the cards. Again it was a different feeling, because we also agreed that IF we were to share time alone together, we could accept that as adults some form of relief would be on offer even if not full on sex. It meant we could enjoy face to face company, and yet not feel we had to agree on the outcome. In the end we have all possibly had times where oral sex or a hand job is all we got? Just sleeping together and wasting time chatting in the dark was what we liked to think would be cool, so again it was not the typical meet? More like old lovers meeting in some hotel, having dinner and talking over wine, and retiring to a room afterwards? Kind of a nice image because we had become more than strangers in a deeper sense.

Anyhow we arranged a meet and the day came. She was struggling with cold/illness and the meet was possibly a no go at the last minute, which really bugged us both. However we still decided to go ahead regardless as we HAD to meet! With butterflies in my stomach, I made my way down to the meet.

Arriving at the hotel, it seemed an eternity to find the room. Worries about face to face seemed to be on my mind at the last minute. Knocking on the door was strange. She opened the door and I went it. We both smiled and I placed my bag on the floor. It was very close and hot that day. As we began the small talk as you do, she was prone on the bed and I sat on the edge. We were both being polite and just relaxing with each other. After what seemed only a few minutes, but was in effect a good hour, we went out for a snack. Just a simple pizza, but it was so nice to be their, and to see the smiling face and the effect I had on her. You will know it all too well, the giggly laugh that says someone LIKES you, the eye contact, the way you talk. Again NOTHING was smutty in any way, it was just talk. After a good couple of hours we decided it was time to go back to the hotel, and this was the strangest part. Walking next to someone knowing you were about to enjoy their body! Really made me feel on a high. We got to the room and like old time lovers we lay on the bed, touching softly. Nothing was hurried, it was all slowly. I aroused her breasts softly, and she pursed her lips, softly sighing as the touch began to melt her guard. It was nice to feel that she was aroused. Her nipples became hard to the touch, and I just had to take them in my mouth. Somewhere along the way we both just stripped off and again resumed the caresses. She was so soft and sensitive, squirming as I teased her with tickles and fingertip caresses. She also moved her hands over me, and it felt good. I worked my way down to her shaven pussy, and began to tease and caress her. She again bit her lip and began to gasp slightly, as the touches found her inner most sensitive areas. Each intake of breath became more wonderful, as she was working her way to an orgasm just by my touch. That felt so good, to know she would come before any intercourse which I felt good about. I could feel her innermost juices begin to pour, not seep, and her body became all stiff and her heart raced as her orgasm came slowly to the brink. I kept caressing her, forgetting my pleasures…she became my undivided attention, and as she began her orgasm, she gushed out her cum over my hand and bucked and heaved in the most sexy of ways only a woman can. We cuddled and caressed for a while, and then she decided it was payback time. Rolling me over, she began to caress my penis in her hands, teasing and rubbing it to a semi erect state, before engulfing it in her mouth. It had been such a very long time since I had experienced all my penis inside a woman’s mouth. I am not blessed with the biggest of tools, but it is a bit on the fat side, and I almost came in the first few seconds. However the feeling was so good I could not come for ages because I felt selfish and wanted to savor the feeling. I think she knew about how it was, and never complained, just took her time, until my own orgasm began its route, and I told her I was about to come and she just carried on till I exploded. It was a really intense orgasm, where you feel the sperm comes from your very toes and it felt like gallons, but it never really is. Again we cuddled afterwards, and talked. We were really enjoying our selves and before long we began to mutually caress. Again I brought her close to orgasm again with a combination of fingers and tongue, and although we tried sex with her riding me and some old missionary, she began to get sore so I brought her off without. It did not make me feel robbed because I knew I would come again. The night drew in, and we talked, slept, talked and slept into the next day.

The morning was bright and early, and we had to leave before dinner. It was 6am, and we were awake and talking between caresses and teasing. Breakfast seemed like a good idea. We showered and went out looking for somewhere to eat. Finding a romantic café, like the lady and the tramp, we sat eating, talking like old friends and it felt good. As we finished she sparkled in her look and her eyes told me it was time to return to the room for unfinished business. Again we undressed without the newness of casual lovers, more like old friends, and I teased her more with my lips until she almost came. Making love was so much better than the previous night, because within her the tenseness, and apprehension had gone, and she became a real, warm sensual woman seeking her orgasm. She did not really experience a mind blowing orgasm, but eventually I could not restrain mine, and it felt so much better to come inside her. We cuddled again for an age, and talked before we had to depart. It seemed a very strange meet. I am not prone to many at all, and it felt more like old friends than casual sex? Not the usual quickie or full of vigor ones we all read and ponder on, it was something more special, more closer? I think we both felt it was special, and I think we will meet again, because I am sure next time our inner self worries and feeling will be gone and mutual orgasm and relief will be more up front and fulfilled. I did say in the beginning it was a different kind of meet, and I don’t know if anyone else experiences these feelings, but I thought sharing it may well find someone who found what I did.