Written by Andy

21 Jan 2005

I’ve just had my first meeting with someone from the swingingheaven site. I had tried before but had been let down until I replied to Peter’s ad. We e-mailed each other for a few weeks and I had pulled out of our first planned meet due to an unexpected funeral. This time though I had arranged to meet Peter in my hotel room while I was away from home on a course. I had been attracted to Peter's ad by his phot which showed the size of his cock, it's 8.5 inches, mine’s only a pretty average 6.

I had e-mailed Peter a number of my fantasies and had been gradually building up to my first meet with a man since I was a teen. I am very new to this and I knew I was going to be very nervous but the e-mail traffic was making me very horny. My main fantasy was that I would be kneeling naked just inside the hotel room door as Peter arrived and I would begin sucking him as he walked through the door.

Peter had said he could get to my hotel by 6:30 pm but I had been held up on the course and only made it to the hotel at about 5:55. I rushed around sorting things out, showering and setting up my laptop and camera. Almost exactly at 6:30, my mobile rang, Peter just said “Andy, I’m here”. I told him which room I was in and within a minute he was at the door. I’d unlocked it and as he came in I was on my knees, naked. We didn’t have time to exchange greetings, and before he closed the door I had got his cock out and was sucking him hard. What a cock, I have never seen or felt one that big in my life. We stopped briefly and took some pics of me sucking his cock, me naked and Peter fully dressed. I was very turned on and leaking pre-cum like mad. After a few minutes we stopped so that Peter could get undressed. We took turns wanking and sucking each other and just gently enjoying ourselves.

I really wanted to be submissive for this get together and I had told Peter that I wanted him to look at pictures of my wife, naked and having sex, while I knelt and sucked his monster. I really enjoyed behaving like this and I’m certainly not submissive in my normal life. Peter sat at the desk using the mouse on my laptop and exploring the many pics of my wife as I licked and sucked him whilst knelt at his feet.

I had told Peter I wanted him to be dominant with me and at one point he pushed me over on my back and into a 69 position. What he did which made it different and exciting for me, was to hold my arms down and gently pump that cock into my mouth. I could feel it pushing into my throat and I gagged a couple of times but managed to force myself to relax and enjoy the sensations because I couldn’t push him away. I was close to cumming at this point and had to slow Peter down. I wanted to make Peter cum but I wasn’t ready to make him cum in my mouth, the thought was good but reality was a bit different. When I think about it now it’s such a turn on. We actually ended up wanking each other until we came on our chests, boring for some people but great at the time.

I really enjoyed my first meeting with Peter and hope we can do it again soon, this time I should be able to relax a bit more and explore a few more things.