Written by Steve the photographer

19 Feb 2004

I had known Joy since first moving into my first house after getting married, she was slim to the point of being skinny and dark haired.

We said hello but that was about it, in fact when i got friends with her neighbour she told my wife I was having an affair so I suppose that was the last time i spoke to her, after splitting with her hubby she moved away.

It was a good 8 years later that I ran into her before, I was a tv engineer and whilst serving in the shop she came in, she said hi as if we'd always been friends and I helped her outside with her purchase, it seems she had lived near the shop but was now with a new guy who was in the car round the back of the shop. Well as we passed our delivery van she pushed me against it and before I knew it she was kissing me ramming her tounge in deep, she must have felt how hard I had got but b4 i could say anything she moved away just in time for her new man to come round the corner, great just my luck a trouble maker that i knew from long ago.

Well after that she would come in every day and gradually

we would go out and i even made friends with her hubby.

I'd visit the house and usually be wound up that I loved her and being shy would say nothing.

Then 1 day she walked up to me, i assumed to do her usual thing of sitting on my knee grinding just enough to get me hard b4 getting off again but as she sat she lifted her tshirt pushing my face into her small tits, b4 I could react she got off again.

Her hubby said well did he do anything, she said no and he lifted her skirt and pulled her nics to the side revealing a beautiful hairless pussy.

They had their own way of talking to each other called backslang and after a discussion they told me to follow them upstairs.

Once there Joy pulled her nics off completely and laid there skirt up, her hubby stood at the front and she unzipped him starting by kissing his balls then nibbling at his cock.

I stood there awestruck when he said, ' well touch her then'

My fingers trembled as my finger found her clit, rubbing slowly as she moaned with a mouth full of his cock, he leaned forward and opened her blouse showing 2 small fried egg size tits with beautiful nipples as Ipushed my fingers into her wet pussy, she bucked and rode my fingers spurting as she came so much wetness like I'd never seen before.

'Fuck her' hubby said and to be honest i didn't need encouragement, I dropped my trousers and pants and Joy smiled at what she saw, I've been told I've got a good size cock but how would I know, I kneeled in front of her and she lifted her hips allowing my cock to slide into her, she was tight but so wet that i was soon fucking in and out my balls slapping her, with her mouth full of hubbies cock all you could hear was stiffled moans . She came bucking her thighs upwards hard and almost biting down on his cock and she could tell I was close. She stopped on hubby for long enough to tell me not to cum in her and I pulled out just in time spurting my cum all over her clothes, the sight of it causing hubby to shoot onto her face.

I saw them again after that but only had a threesome with them once more but thats another story