Written by maximus1male

7 Dec 2006

I was apprehensive about mentioning IT but the thought that if I never did mention IT, IT would never happen, so after a couple of glasses of wine I decided to go for it,..'Darling have you ever thought about fucking a man with a strap on dildo' ?...My wife looked surprised at first then took a swig of her wine mused for a second or two and replied 'would you like me to fuck you'? for a couple of years it had been my fantasy and I had struggled to bring the conversation up.

The first problem we had was no strap on !!! so it looked like the rabbit was coming out !!

I looked at the rabbit with great trepidation 'its a bit on the large side honey , especially for the 1st time ' !

with that Karen went to her draw and pulled out a gleaming silver vibrator a little smaller, I could tell by her face she was getting more and more into this as the evening wore on, we starting kissing slowly at first then passion started to take over I kisssed and licked my way down he body until I reached her hot pussy then ran my tongue slowly around her moist lips occaisionally flicking my tongue over her clit grinning to myself as it seemed to send an elecric charge through her body, I reached over and pulled a pillow underneath her hips so it lifted her arse and gave me easy access to her sex.

My tongue brushed lightly over her anus and she jumped taking a sharp breath and graoning out load I looked up and she was pulling frantically at her erect nipples, My cock was swollen and hard, aching for release, time after time I brought her to the edgeof orgasm then pulled back building up the intensity, the taste of her salty juices in my mouth had my cock throbbing.

I sat u and smiled 'you bastard she cried give me your cock I need to cum' she pushed me back and straddled me impaling herself on my shaft the heat from her soaking wet pussy was immense she rocked herself back and forth leaning back and kneading her breasts as I lay back and gazed as my hands stroked and teased her thighs and arse.

her screams as she reached orgasm rang in my ears and she collapsed forward kissing e urgently, I needed to cum now and she knew it !!!! she pulled her lips from mine and dribbled saliva on to my lips I moved my head closer to kiss her but she moved backed dripping more saliva on to my face, she knew she had me !!!

She jumped up and turned me over pushing the pilow under my stomach so my arse was raised, .....then I felt the trickle of her saliva drip on my arsehole as her hands stretched my cheeks apart.....did she do it ? tbc