Written by allen

11 Feb 2010

i have read a few stories on this page so i thought you would like to read my first time story i am 60 years of age had been married for 40 years untill we split up i hadent had any sex for nearly 20 years so i have been wanking for a long time i was not intrested in gay sex i was not into bi either so my story about two years ago i was in northumbrie on a break for a week i was driving down A1 from edinbrough to berwick i was feeling tired so i pulled into lay by for a rest i had been stopped for 15min when i decided i needed to go to the loo i went down about 20 steps to the urinal were their were to guys on the left and agap with one man on right i went inbetween two men and got my prick out and started to have a pee i hadent been for about 4 hours so it took a while when i finished i started to shake my prick when i glanced to my left to notice that the two guys on my left were touching each outhers pricks i was shocked and wanted to leave but i froze and started to stair my own prick started to get hard my prick is only 7inch but these guys were smaller than mine i glanced again they were now holding each outhers pricks and wanking each outher my own prick was now rock hard what was happening i was now starting to wank myself and feeling aroused they just carried on when one guy got on his knees and took the outher guys prick in his mouth and started to give him blow job i forgot about the guy on right untill i felt his hand on my prick he started to wank me i dident stop him iwas rock hard and enjoying every minute i turned to look at the two men sucking each outher they were not bothered i was watching they were both rock hard pricks being sucked up and down when the next thing i new the guy on my right went on his knees and took my prick in his mouth ive had blo jobs before but not from anouther guy it was great he sucked and licked my prick i wsent going to last long when both guys on my left were stood next to me one started to rub my body i thought what the hell i took both pricks in my hands and started to wank both men they were close to shooting and so was i my prick still being sucked all the way in and out mybody and balls being rubbed it was to much i shot my load deep into his mouth he swallowed all my come the two guys i was wanking shot there load all over my hands the two guys pulled there pants back up and left the guy who had just blown me away went to toilet to cleen up i went to sink to wash my hands i thought it was over untill the guy told me to come into toilets iwas already getting hard again i went in and locked door iwas ready for anything i was told to sit on toilet he dropped his pants and took out his prick it was bigger than mine without being told i just took hold of his prick and started to wank him off he moved closer to me i knew what he wanted but i was not sure ive taken a prick in my mouth mind you ive never been wanked or sucked before so what the hell i took his prick into my mouth and started to lick and slowley suck his now fully hard throbbing prick deeper and deeper untill ihad all his prick inside he was about to cum when he pulled out of my mouth he said he wanted me to fuck him he put a condom on my prick and started to suck me again to get me hard again it dident take long he lubricated his arse with ky and rubbed some on my prick took hold of my prick and guided me into his arse slowley inch by inch till iwas all way in i started to fuck him with no regrets when i noticed i was being watched through hole in wall that got me more aroused and started to fuck harder when a prick came through the hole it was abought 5inch long i had no hesitation i put the prick in my mouth and sucked and licked and fucked the outher guy iwas shooting my sperm deep inside his arse and the outher shot his cum inside my mouth i swallowed all of his come it tasted nice the guy ifucked left the guy next door put his hand in the hole and started to wank me off i was starting to get hard again he pulled my prick through the hole and sucked me dry he left i tided up and left 2 hours ago i had never even thought about another man and now i have been wanked sucked i have sucked and fucked does that make me bi or just experimenting at 60 allen if you liked my story i have since had more sex involving two women