Written by tvdogger

2 Jul 2004

hi im a 31 yo cd and love to go dogging in the northeast, my story starts 11 years ago when i was 20, id always loved my sisters niker draw, i think she must have been a right goer because some of her undies where very naughty.(thats another story)

anyway i was driveing around looking for some fun one afternoon when i tryed a layby i know and saw three men in the bushes so i puled up, got out and walked up to them all dressed up with heels makup wig and slut skirt, i just said hi boys wana fuck! well as soon as i said it i had six hands on me, feeling every naughty part of me until i felt a very hard cock trying to push its way into my ass, i pushed them away and walked to an opening where there was a picknick table,

i put my hands on it and spread my legs, i felt the cock again but this time it was lubricated and pushed right in,

well, after one had been in me i thought it would be rude not to let the rest of them plunge in,

at the end of the afternoon id had three cocks spunk up my bum twice each and i came on my hand, i would of liked some more cocks so i could of sucked some spunk aswell, seeya soon in a layby neer you.

if you email me please be nice and dirty