Written by Mark Constable

25 Sep 2006

It was the 16th of september 2006, i had convinced my parents to let me go to one of my close freinds b-day party at her house, Sarah and kayla's Party was a conjoint party, though sarah had nothing to do with it, her name was on the invitation upon which me, jackson and aaron recieved. The day started with Aaron coming to my place, i live in the mansion regin of Mt. Omaney, aaron lives in forest lake were the party was, but we got started at my place. We got the booze from the basment, were all the booze is, we decided not to take alot, because australians take each others drinks. So we picked up 18 smirnoff ices (thats not alot in australia) and waited for giles to come pick us up. when he came, we went to jackson's house to pick him up, which took 25 mins atleast because he was out with his Girlfriend. when he finnaly got there we made our way to kayla's house. the party had already started and at least 3 people were already drunk. we all came in with a smirnoff in a hand, but i brang in the rest of the booze. We started straight away, i went around giving hugs and kisses to the girls who were there, because it was the last time i would see them and they would see me sobre. i skulled down a smirnoff, then i found aaron and a couple of chicks abnd we started skulling 2 more at once. we really wanted to make this a good party. During the main part of the party, i did some things, i made an impression, i climbed a tree and did my fare share of chinups, i jumped over a fence to get to the highway to scare the shit out of cars, plus i dived and broke a water fountain by crash tackling it. through most of the night, i noticed Allanah watching me, when i got into trouble from hurting my shoulder on the water fountain, she came over and placed me on a chair, and started rubbing my shoulder, and kissed me on the cheek saying hope u get better then winked at me, then went off, i followed her then started to dirty dance with her, then we went and sat on the pavement on the corner of the house. near the end of the party, there was me jarryd and aaron, we were the only boyz left, jack and giles had gone home, so had the other boys. There was 12 other girls, i think they were Allysa, Allanah, Tara, Tani, Kayla, Sarah, Simone, Destiney, Meghan, Clarrisa, teghan and rochelle. some of the girls were dancing, jarryd had hit up on sarah and they had gone off to a room, aaron was getting a lap dance from destiney and i was with Allanah, the slighty taller latina cheerleader babe, here is the exact convosation.

Me- So what do u think of the party tonight?

Allanah- I dont know, it was alright, but i still wanted more u know?

Me- No

Allanah starts to rub up and down my thigh.

Allanah- Well, i havent been with any one in a while, and i would like to know what its like...

I had no idea what the hell she was talking about, i was drunk as and i am a fun loving person.

Me- So what would u want to know what its like..

Allanah- well...

Allanah grabed my arm and took me around the corner were no one could see.

Allanah- Tell me honestly Mark, do u think im sexy?

Me- Of Course

Allanah- On a scale of one to ten?

Me- Would u like to start at ten?

Allanah started imedietly pashing me, she grabed both my hands and leaded them down to her ass, which was covered by her tight jeans, she then put her hands behind my head and continued pashing me, she grabed the top of my shirt and lifted it off revealing the muscle ive been working on for the past 3 years. she stoped pashing me and took time to touch my body.

Me- u like what u see?

She bit her lip in the most sexy way

Allanah- Oh yeah!

She grabbed my belt and took me inside from the back entrance. Walking through the house, we saw sarah and jarryd sleeping next to each other, sarahs boobs hanging out of the bed cover, with a blanket covering the rest of there bits, and aaron and destiney kissing on the dryer, with destiney on the dryer. we went up to kayla's sister room, she had gone to a friend's house. When we got in there, she imeditly took off her shirt, revealing her bra and perfectly sized breasts, she was perfectly sized as well, not fat nor boney skinney, she was HOT!

Allanah- Now, do u like what u see?

Me- Ohhhh Yeah

She came over to me and we started kissing again, this time, her hands were groaping my buns of steel, (which is what she calls them)thinking to myself "hey, im going all the way why not?" i grabed her bra strap and undid it, letting her bra fall to the floor, he then proceeded to undo my belt, which she was now staring at constently, when she undid, she whiped it off like a whip, and my pants fell straight to the floor

Allanah- ohhh, nice boxers, i wonder if u..

Me- Baby, i free ball!

I took off my pants to reveal my semi-erect cock and hangin balls, her facced gasped as she was thinking that like some of the fridget boys at our school, have underwear under the boxers. she imedietly started to take off her jean's, revealing a super hot red G-String. she then asked me....

Allanah- Do u want to see me with them on or off?

Me- Definetly off!!!

Allanah striped her G-string off and threw them at my face, they smelt so good. She then came over to me and grabed my cock with both hands and started rubbing it while pashing me, then she intended to get down on her knees, as if to suck me off, but i insited on her not to...

Me- Allanah, i dont want u doing anything u dont want u to do, or regreting in the future.

Allanah- Dont worry, ur hot, im hot, we like each other and im on the pill, were fine, if it makes u feel any better, do u wanna go out with me?

Me- As in boyfriend and Girlfriend?

Allanah- Yes

Me- Ok then

Allanah then got down on her knees and started sucking my cock, i enjoyed everybit of it, and it was my first time ever, she was rolling her toung around and moving up and down the shaft, about 3 min's later, she was amazed i hadent cum yet, i said to her

Me- Its gonna take more then that to make me cum

Allanah just smiled and went and laid down on the bed, she then directed me using one finger to come over to her, she spread her legs open, and i went in imedietly to start licking her out, i used my toung to start her up a little bit, licking her pussy lips, then i went on and rapidly licking her clit, she cried out multiple times in pure exahusting pleasure, i was growing so so tired from licking her out, but i wanted to give her everything i had, constently, she became wetter and wetter, untill she said


And she did, i could taste a warm flow of pussy fluid start rushing down, it tasted delicious, she stayed down for a while, panting rapidly, i went up and huged her while lying down of the bed, she grabed my arm, then turned around and we started to pash again, then she got that same horney look in her eyes again, she jumped onto me, and she grabed my fully erect cock and placed into her wet dripping pussy, she moaned as she placed my cock in her pussy, and she imedietly started bobbing, it felt so good, she must have felt the same, her hands were on her hair as she was moaning so much, i then thought this is kinda stupid if i let her do the work, i wshould show her why im one of the best league players in queensland, i fliped her over onto her back then started to thump into her, she was grabbing my hair and scatching her finger nails into my back, i couldent car less about the pain, i was to pleasuerd, seeing that i needed to give her extra special treatment, i started to kiss and suck on her nipples while i still pounded her, her eyes started to blush, its the look a girl gets right before she is about to cum again, and i was about to to, and at almost the exact same time, we came together. it was the greatest feeling ever! i rolled over beside her and started to kiss her, we were both heavily tired, we cuddled each other and talked for a while, cause i always hear plain about men going straight to sleep. we then got up and went outside, still both naked, we saw Sarah and jarryd still asleep, most of the people had left, aaron and destiney were both naked, asleep with no blanket on the couch, aaron lying under destiney, with destiney still in a sex position with his cock still in her pussy, we decided that we would fold out the bed for them and get them some pillows and a blanket, they ahd no idea what was going on, but when they were both lying down again they cuddled each other. Me and Allanah went over to the fridge as planned before, and got some water, when i turned around, Allanah was there and she startedd to pash me again. she grabed my cock and said

Allanah- You made me cum with ur mouth, now its time to return the favour!

She started sucking so much more then last time, using her hands, fingers, toung and mouth to make me cum again, it only took 4 mins. swallowed my cum hole, and then got a drink of poweraid from the fiidge. i was amazed at what had just happened, i decided to carry her back to the bedroom. i picked her up and she gave a sexy moan as i lifted her, as i walked back, i felt some one slap me on the ass, it was kayla, she had just gotten up to get some water, i turned around with allanah and i still naked, Allanah smiled and gave a nod

Kayla- Lucky you Allanah, i wish i could have some of that!

Allanah giggled and kissed me on the cheek.

Allanah- mayby at my party you will!

I was turned on by the comment, i said goodnight to kayla and she said it back to us, me and Allanah went straight to sleep as soon as we reached the bed. In the morning, we told everyone what had happened, and we were now going out for real, everyone thought the idea of a cheerleader and a jock was to american, but they liked us a a couple, and to this date we still are, we spend nearly every waking minute, and the great thing is, it is Allanah's Party tommorow night Yay!!!