Written by sara

4 Jun 2005

As I had already stated Connor was from Dublin and was very handsome and every bit hte gentleman He was slight ly older than me at 25 and as i was to discover very experienced sexually.As we sat down over our meal of seafood paella he would not stop complimenting me on my appearance and said that he was glad I stopped him last night. It wa sthen that I decided to tellhim taht I was still avirgin andf that last night was the very first blow job i had given but was looking forward to a repeat later and of going further. He appologised and was sorry for trying to push me but then said that we couldnt go back to his room as his mates were all having a party ther till 2 in morning. I told him my room would soon be free if he wanted to go there.while we were fininshing my 3rd glass of wine i felt his hand tyouch my knee and a shiver went up my spine his hand started to climb up my thigh till it reached the thin material of my g string he slowly moved the string to one side and could now feel my dampness as he felt my nakedness. Wow i like them shaved he said do you always shave I ttold him it was first time. We stood up and went to bar paid bill and walked towards my hotel as we came round the corner all my mates were coming round the corner so I grabbed him and started kissing him my tongue darting in and out of his mouth as i pulled him to me with the way I was dressed and the fact I had this hunk trying to devour me all my mates walked by taking no notice of me. when they passed I looked up and ther was Emma looking at me with her thumbs in the air. After this it was straight o my room and as soon as we got inside his hands were all over me and we fell onto the bed . He then slowly statred to undress me using his teeth soon I was just wearing my new undies but not for long as I felt his hands begin to unclip the front fastening bra and my tits wer soon to be seen b a man for first time. He started to kiss mmy neck leaving a lage love bite in his wake and worked his way down to my erect nipples sucking one in and biting at same time this was sending waves of extacy through me and i could feel nt g sting geting very wet as my juices flowed . he continued his movement down my body til he settled him self between my aching thighs and he began to lick my cunt as he parted my lips with his tongue and began to lick and nibble on my clit i was soon orgasming for the first time at the hands of a man. I wa ssreaming for him to take me and he stared to rub his 100 up and down my slit parting the lips with his end finally he stared to enter me slowly at first till he started to experience resistance he then withdrew and enterd again it tokk 5 attempts before he finally broke me and started a slow methodic rhytem he had by this time got about 5'' in me and i was aking for more as i tried to pull him into me suddenley he gave one almighty push the pain made me scream and he just lay there I could feel his balls against my arse after a litle while he started pumping in and out again this must have lasted about 20 mins and i was experiencing orgasm after orgasm when his whole body went rigid and i started to feel his hot sticky cum shooting right into me. As he withdrew I grabbed hold of him and guided him into my mouth and tated a cocktail of my juices his cum and my blood. We fell asleep in each others arms and woke just in time to have sex again before emma came bursting into the room. What a wonderful night that was I wll go on to explain what happened before we went home and how my life was changed for ever see you again soon