Written by chris_snogger

3 Sep 2006

Hi, I'm Annie, in my first year at uni we went on a field course to scotland. we stayed in a hostel, generally 2 to a room.I really fancied this boy, but his mate was also cute too. Soo one nightwe all got very drunk and I endedc up snogging Pete. I was wearing pretty, flirty clothes - a denim mini, licra wonderbra and short T, a lot of boobs and my pretty little legs were on show! I also had on my favourite perfume.We headed back to his room but Ian also walked back witrh us. A naughty thought came into my head and I reached out and stroked Ian's hand, he squeezed it.

Once in the boy's room P and I snogged again but Ian moved behind me and circled his hands round my waaist, then slid them up onto my boobs.My nipples tingled and grew out like little baby fingers. I felt my bra being loosened and P's hand move onto my thighs and slowly slide upwards. My pussy was hot, hot and I could actually feel the juices being to seep out of me. As his fingers brushed inside my little panties I moaned out loud.

There was a rustle of jeans beingf undon e and I felt a cock behind me, I tugged gently at it and then leaned forward onto P as Ian slid his cock againts my pussy lips from behind.\i was soo wet his bell end slipped into me and and pushed right on up until I was impaled on him. Thats when I came for the first time...

P was in front leaning back onto the bed and we jiggled round until I could slip my little girly mouth over his rampant cock.Iam was banging me away from behind with his hand gripping my slim thighs and his balls slapping my dripping wet bottom. My skirt and t shirt were pushed up and my nickers were hanging around my ankle.My boobs swung onto P's hairy chest and he cupped and squeezed them. I was sucking on his c ock for \all I could and loving the sensataion of 2 cocks inside me. Soon I tasted precum and then my mouth filled with wonderful salty cum, some dripping out onto my chin.

Ian stiffened and deep inside my pussy I felt more cum squirting out, this set me off agin!

We lay for a moment and all giggled while I swallowed and licked off the stuff on my face. The boys were either side of me and with each hand I stroked there cocks back to hardness. I really wanted to see if we coujld get both inside my pussy, so I turned and faced P and moved so that his cock was nudging my pussy lips. From behind Ian did the same and then they both pushed... and were inside me! I shouted out I'm coming and P gripped my nipples. A secong wave of spunk erupted inside my stretched little hole.

We lay back and dozed, I was covered in sweat, juices and cum and loved it !!