Written by Kate

25 Dec 2003

I'm 19, short (5'4), slim with a curvy body, a firm arse and nice round breasts which I'm very proud of. I've always wanted to have sex with a much older man and I've been looking out for one when I have been out with the girls but I never took one home as I'm quite a shy person round people I don't know.

One of my friends said she could arrange it for me to meet up with a nice guy she works with. It took some persuading but in the end I agreed and we meet up in a small cafe where it wasn't too busy but it wasn't too quite either.

He was about 6 foot, very good-looking man and I could see he was well toned. I was surprised when he said he was in his late 30's and he was a very nice person, which made it easier for me to talk to him. I asked him if my friend had told him why I was meeting up with him and he said yes. After a long chat I asked him if he wanted to come back to my place for the rest of the day and possibly spend the night which he did.

As I locked the door to my house I felt his large hands on the top of my hips. With a cheeky smile I turned my head and pulled the back of my skirt up to reveal my little black panties I was wearing which hardly covered my ass. His hands moved to cup each check and he commented on how firm and "perfect" my ass was. Rubbing my ass one of his fingers went under my panties and he rang his finger around the rim of my asshole. He then pulled my panties to one side moved his hand to my pussy and started to rub it before plunging a finger into me. I bent forward slightly leaning against the wall to stop from falling over so he could get to me more easily and as he fingered me I pushed against his finger.

He fingered me for a while before I looked over my shoulder at him and asked him to fuck me against the wall. I pulled down my panties and leant against the wall waiting for him to get started. I felt his hands on my hips and I then felt his dick against my pussy before he slowly slid it in. He then started to fuck me, his hands digging deep into my hips. His dick felt so good in me and I turned my head to see that he hadn’t taken his trousers down and had just pulled his dick throw the zipper gap; I couldn’t even see his balls so this meant he didn’t have his entire dick in me. As his thrusts became harder and faster I knew he was going to cum and I could feel his warm spunk in me, with each thrust he shot more and more in me. He hadn’t made orgasm but his dick did feel good.

As he pulled out I stood up and as he was trying to tuck himself back in but it was still hard so I grabbed it and pulled him up the stairs. I lead him to the bed room and he shut the door as I lead him to the bed. I pushed him onto the bed and bent down in front of him reaching for his trousers to unbutton them and pull them down so I could get a full view of his dick. I teased him as I undid his trousers, licking the underside of his helmet with the tip of my tongue before only sucking on the tip of his dick like a lollypop. I undid his trousers and pulled them down followed by his pants. His dick was huge and I knew he hadn’t put all of it in me. I put as much of it in my mouth as I could and went up and down repeatedly sucking on it. He took off his shirt to reveal a very toned body and he started to stroke my hair as I sucked his dick.

I then stood up in front of him and took my shirt off. While I was doing this he had pulled down my skirt and was having a taste of my pussy which by now was very wet. After a while of munching at me I put both my hands on his shoulders and gently pushed him onto the bed and I hovered over his dick asking “how big is your dick?” He replied “Roughly 9 inches”. I smiled and slowly lowered myself onto his cock, gasping as I took all of it in me. I swirled around on his cock before I started to slowly glide my pussy up and down on it. As I was bouncing on his cock I took off my bra and he commented on my tits before grabbing them and giving them a good feel then he moved one of his hands to grab my ass. As I rode him he felt all over me before putting both hands on my hips which he used to bring me down hard on his cock, which made me moan with delight. He moved one of his hands to my anus and like in the hallway fingered the rim of my ass before sticking a finger in. I’ve never had anal sex before but I quite liked the feel of his finger in my ass while his dick was in my pussy. I started to squeal as I began to cum and he started to fuck me harder and faster. My moans got louder and louder and as I peaked he came as well thrusting very hard into me nearly splitting me in half! I stayed on top of him and he rolled me over so he was on top of me.

His dick had slipped out while rolling over with me so I spread my legs wide open and taking a hold of them he slide his dick into me. As he fucked me he pushed my legs forward so they were near my head and he moved so he was right over me, my legs now against his shoulders. He was really hammering away, my tits bouncing up and down right in front of his face. I was cumming again and again before he finally cum himself increasing the amount of cum in my pussy, which seeped out as he withdrew. Before he left I gave him a quick suck, wanting to taste myself as well as his sticky cum. I had been surprised at what he did as most guys would of gone limp after shagging me in the hallway.

We switched mobile numbers and told him I would be calling him again. We kissed each other goodbye and he left. I couldn’t wait for next time.