Written by phil

24 Apr 2004

my wife and i have a varied sex life.one particular afternon i had been getting her very very excited throughout the day i had been touching her up and talking filthy to her.then she turned and said well are you gonna fuck me then or what?

get upstairs and put on some of your slutty clothes i told her.she returned some time later wearing her shortest summer dress, no underwear and my favourite 5" white patent heels.her dress was at least 6 iches above her knees and left absoulutly nothing to the imagination.....

she kissed me really hard and told me she was dying to be fucked.

i was planning on taking her dogging which we have done a few times in the past but the door bell rang and it was our sons student pals,kevin,dave and lewis.they had come around to help finish a project that they kept at our house.our son was away with his girlfriend for the weekend but they insisted they had to finish it for monday.

me and my wife were gutted,as we watched them set up on the living room floor they would be here at least 2 hours and i needed to fuck my wife(and i knew she needed to be fucked).

i offered the boys coffee but they asked me for somethibg stronger so i opened a bottle of wine and we proceeded to drink it.

my wife was sat on the edge of the one arm chair still wearing her slutty clothes,while kevin leaned against it with his back. his arms almost brushing my wifes bare legs every time he moved.

i made eye signals to my wife to go and change into something more conservitive but she knocked back my advances.

she was asking the boys questions about the project but as she leaned more forward more of her thighs were being exposed.kevin was now litrally only inches away from my wifes bare cunt and any second would probably be able to smell her sexual aroma.

just then she got uo and walked to the kitchen still in her high heels,i followed her and could hear the boys talking about her.as soon as i entered the kitchen she pulled me to her and kissed me really hard pushing her tounge into my mouth.she pushed my hand up under her short skirt to feel her sticky hole wow!!! she was wet.

fuck me please she said just fuck me.i cant not here not now i replied....if you dont ill ask the boys in there to fuck me.

like that would you i asked as i slipped a finger inside my wifes soaking hole mmmmmmmmm she mumbled as i pushed a second deep up inside her yesssss i would she shouted.well go and offer the boys more wine then you slut i wispered to her.your dressed like a slut so start acting like one.

with that she returned to the room with the bottle,as the 3 boys were sat on the floor she towered above them in her slutty heels,serving the drinks. they could probably all see right up her short dress and her wet hole which id just pulled 2 fingers out of. she flirted and i wondered if she would take it any further (her being 45 and the boys all 21)

but she returned back to the kitchen and made me finger her to orgasm right there.

as soon as the boys left she dragged me upstairs and we fucked for the rest of the night.

we talked about what could have happened that afternonn and she came many times over thinking and re enacting it out who knows what the future holds....