Written by sapphireskye

2 Dec 2006

It was my friend Julies birthday and as my then husband was working,i said i would meet her at our local pub for a few drinks.I wore my leather jeans,a lacy black top and my leather jacket.

Julie`s Husband was there and a few of her other friends.

I did`nt want to over do it as i had to be up early the following morning for work.Julie and i shared a couple of bottles of house wine and although i was getting drunk i knew i would be ok as long as i got to bed early enough!As the booze flowed and time went on,my husband turned up with his mate from work.Michael is a big black guy and he and my husband had been friends for years.He has been to loads of parties at our house and has on occassions made the odd pass at me,one being very horny but not coming to much.Julie invited us all back to hers and persuaded me to come on the promise that one drink wont hurt!

So we all went back to hers and true to her word one drink was all i had! At about 12.45 i said i`m going home as i have to be up at 7.45 and as we only live 5 minutes walk away from Julie`s,my husband offered to walk me home but i said no you and Michael stay and have fun.Julie offered to walk me home but i refused as she have to walk back on her own!As i got to the door Michael came up behind me and said he was walking me home.So i was getting walked home by a big black hunk!

As we walked down one of the alleyways,i took his hand,down the second alleyway i pulled him to me and kissed him passionately.The kiss was fantastic and such a turn on!I said to him that i never make the first move and that was his reward for being so gallant!We got back to my house walked in and i said i`m going to bed,at which point Michael said he would not be able to find his way back to Julie`s so he would turn in too.He followed me upstairs,i went to the loo and he went to the spare room.As i came out of the bathroom past his room he took my hand and pulled me in.He said now its my move!

He closed the door and pushed me against it.his hands ran up to my shoulders as he pressed his lips against mine,his hands removed my jackett.I responded to his tongue and was pushing mine against his and had already started moaning softly.I had already taken my shoes off downstairs and had not done up my leather trousers after going to the loo,so it was no suprise when he began to remove them that they fell to the floor.He put his hands on my hips and sat me on the bed.He lifted my top to reveal my naked breasts and pushed me gently back onto the bed.As he knelt between my parted legs he took off his shirt,revealing his beautifully muscled torso.His hands ran up my thighs and his thumbs hooked over my black lacy knickers as he pulled them down.He kissed his way up my long legs,pausing at my inner thighs,before running his tongue up my wet pussy lips,as he slowly parted them with his tongue.He circled my clit with his tongue and lips as his hands found their way to my breasts and my already rock hard nipples.Iwas moaning uncontrollably and writhing as his tongue probbed my wet cunt.He stood up and removed his jeans,the bulge in his boxers was enormous looking and made me sit up on the bed.As he stood there i reached out and pulled them down,his cock brushed my cheek as it sprang out,i grasped it with both hands and there was still enough to take between my lips.As i took his huge cock into my mouth i moaned and sucked greedily as Michael ran his hands thru my long dark hair.He could feel my moans vibrating thru his cock as i sucked and licked.He calmly and quietly said enough Louise,i`m going to fuck you like you`ve never been fucked before!

He pushed me back onto the bed playing with my rock hard nipples as he did so and slid between my thighs.He slowly slid his huge manhood into my soaking wet pussy,stretching me beyond belief(as i was 40 at the time and have had 3 kids!)although i was wetter than i had ever been!

I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him into me and held him deep inside me.

As i got used to his size i realeased my grip and let him start to withdraw his cock. He began to slowly,gently and rhythmicaly fuck me.He kept this up for wot seemed like ages!i felt as though i was on the verge of cumming all the way thru!He then put his hands on my ankles and parted my legs as far as they`d go!I was out of control,moaning and screaming as my legs reached the headboard of the bed.I was begging him to fuck me hard,still holding my ankles he slowly built up his pace,i was throwing my head from side to side on the pillows in passion and bucking my hips up to meet his steadily hardenning thrusts!

I moaned Oh God Michael your gonna make me cum in a minute!

And God did he!I was moaning loud enuff for the entire street to hear and could still hear his cock pounding in and out of me!My orgasm ripped thru me and seemed to last forever! As it subsided it just seemed to build up again!

I came three times,he then turned me over and rammed his big black cock into me from behind,his big hands stroking my breasts and flicking my nipples!This went on for ages he pounded into me from behind made my nipples feel like they would explode and my pussy was just gushing with juices.

Then he turned me over and licked me for a few minutes driving me wild and pushing me even closer to another orgasm.He then slid his hard black cock back into me and i came again.I felt him stiffen and he pulled his cock out and shot what seemed like bucket loads of cum all over my tits and nipples!

I began to rub it in with his encouragement and licked my fingers clean to and his as he fingered me while i did this!

After all the flirting over the years he had had me!

And is now in double figures cos i love him fucking me!

Plus he still mends my PC,but only puts some hardware on it!He saves the best Hardware for me!

Hope you look at my pics in my profile as it will make this true story all the more real for you!