Written by Tommy

26 Aug 2005

this is a true story and goes back about a year ago, i was geting disillusioned after having no replies to my ad when one day i got 2 replies from girls who seemed interested. one girl who lived literally 5 mins away seemed promising but at the last minute changed her mind. the other was a girl from North Wales who called herself Ali.

she said in her reply that she was up for fun as she had not been with a guy in ages and was really gagging to be fucked. after exchanging pics and replies we spoke on the phone and seemed to get on really well together. she told me she had arranged a few meets with others but was happy to meet up with me as well as she wanted to make up for lost time. she told me also that she wanted to be fucked in her arse as this was something she had enjoyed in the past and would i be keen, i told her i would be happy to help and we arranged a meet for the next week at a hotel central to the two of us.

we continued to chat in the build up and i was at last confident that i wasn't dealing with a timewaster and when finally the day came i couldn't wait to get there. i had the inconvenience of a work meeting to attend to on the way but once this was done i headed for the hotel. she notified me by text as to the room number and i headed straight there upon arrival bypassing the bar and a need for a stiff drink.

i kocked on the door and we laid eyes on each other for the first time, she was very similar looking to the photo i had seen( which told me that it had been taken recently) with the exception of a different hairdo. we introduced and chatted for about 15 mins over a drink and had a bloody good laugh when i asked if she minded if i took a shower. i had already showered before leaving but i wanted to show her i was clean and also i noticed by the wet towels on the side that she too had recently been in there so i too wished to feel fresh.

when i got out i came back in just my shorts but i was stiff thinking about what was to come and she was lying on the bed dressed all in black, a blouse with the top button open, a knee length skirt with stockings on. i lay next to her and we started to kiss, she was really good to kiss with a slow exploring tongue which i really find exciting. after locking tongues my hands moved to her tits and slowly rubbed each one thru her blouse, she let out a slight moan so i knew i was doing the right thing and so proceeded to open the buttons on her blouse exposing a nicely fitting black bra. i reached around and unclipped it and saw her breasts for the first time. they were small but very well shaped and i leaned forward and took a nipple in my mouth while playing with the other. after a minute or two i swapped over to suck her other tit and with my spare hand i now began to work my way up to her pussy. it felt really warm and after inserting my finger into her it became really wet and i decided there and then i had to taste it. we swapped positions and i lay her down, i then pushed up her skirt and peeled her knickers down and then off. i was now staring at her pussy which was dark and hairy but well trimmed and was very tidy looking and without waiting any further i parted her lips and placed my own at the entrance to her pussy and began to lap up the juices that were flowing from it. she tasted really good, very clean but with that unmistakable pussy aroma that all guys love. very soon i had worked my tongue up to her clit and i was licking this quite vehemently while finger fucking her at which point she started to feel uncomfortable.

i asked her what was wrong and she told me that in the build up to our meet she had been working overime with her new vibrator and that she was now really sore inside and she asked me would i go gentle. i agreed and removed my fingers but continued to eat her pussy to which she found no discomfort.

she then reached down and for the first time started to caress my cock, by now it was sticking out of the top of my shorts and was soaked in pre cum. this didn't worry Ali and she took it straight into her mouth taking me deep inside and moreorless to the back of my throat. as she was doing this her arse was facing me so i got her into a position where her pussy was over my face so i could 69 her which we did for about 5 minutes at which point i was about to cum so i told her to stop and reached out for a condom that was placed on the side. i opened it and rolled it down my shaft and begged her to climb on top of me as i was lying on my back. she took hold of my stiff shaft and slid down my pole until i was deep inside her, she begin to ride me while i was fingering her clit and she began to moan indicating she was enjoying the moment but soon told me it was beginning to hurt due to the same reason as before so i retreated and asked her if she would still like to be fucked in the arse to which she said 'ooh yes please'.

i exited her pussy and took the lubricant off the side and lubed up my fingers and inserted her arse quite deeply to get her ready for what was to come. i then lined up my cock with her bumhole and told her to push back - that way she could control the speed of entry and also reduce the initial pain felt on entry. she did this and the feeling shot thru my cock as she did this was amazing. her arse was reallt tight and was a lovely size. i rubbed both cheeks while she controlled entry and it was so soft and supple and i really liked how it looked. finally i was deep inside her and after she asked me to wait while her bumhole enlarged she then asked me to fuck her which i did. i must admit all along i had wanted to get to this stage as i had pretty minimal anal experience so to be finally deep in her arse was a dream come true. i began to speed up my rhythm which she did too and we seemed to get the timing just right as shortly we both began to cum moreorless at the same time and it ended with me firing about four to five strong jets of cum into the condom that was containing my stiff prick deep in her hole.

after a break we talked for a bit before having'one for the road' her pussy seemed more receptive this time and we were able to fuck without to much discomfort on her part after which i prepared to leave as i had to return home before i was missed(she was aware of this prior to meeting). i had mentioned that i had a friend who would be interested in joining us and would she be interested in a threesome. she said yeah because she felt at ease with me and so we arranged it for a later date. it did happen but it didn't go too well for one reason or another and i've hardly heard from her sense but i'd just like to say Ali(or A*****, her real name)thank you for a wonderful sexual experience with a really sexy woman.