Written by tom

10 Nov 2004

im 21 when this happened am 22 now.

I have wanted my gf to have another man for as long as i can remember (jane aged 21 for hte puroses of this and Bill aged 23 for the man ).

when we were in bed we woudl talk about it whilst we were having sex she said yes but after always said no.

I wanted it so much

one night we went out she took her knickers off under her very short skirt and gave them to me any i told my mates and one fingered her. bill

she told me about this at home and i came harder than ever.

So i persuaded her to text him and she did and he said hed fuck her, but she kept bottling out. By now i really really wanted it and kept pushing her.

so another night we went out she looked amazing short skirt boots etc ( she looks like anna Kournikova) and we all had a lot to drink and decided to go back to my house for a swim.

when er got in the pool she came over and said he'd fingered her all the way back in the taxi and did i still want it.

she said she didnt but if i really wanted her to she'd fo it

i said yes and said im tired and went to bed.

My room over looks the pool there was Bill, Jane and other couple in there bill sat on the steps and tori sat next to him facing him. i wathced from my window as everytime the other couple werent looking he slipped a couple of fingers up her then they got out and Bill and Jane started kissing then she pushed him to the steps again and proceeded to suck him off for about 15 mins till the others came back and they stopped.

the swam about a bit then the other 2 said they were going home and left. within seconds Jane had her bikini off and Bill was fingering her. then she was wanking him off then to the steps again for more suucking

then sh looked up at me and bent over right towards me and he slipped it in her no condoms nothing and fucked her for a good 15 mins then as he came he pulled it out she spun round and took it in her mouth and on her tits.

she then sucked him dry. and the kissed some more and swam

i thought that was it so i got into bed to wank but about 30 mins later i thought whats that and this time she was riding him in the middle of the lawn about 10 feet from my window so i watched again and this time he came deep inside her his seed rushing into her belly.

then they kissed and he left.

she then came in asked what i thought i said it was amazing and i fucked her for another hour at least 3 times cumming in her more mixing it with my best freinds seed.

she has fucked him once more since then in my lounge and is planning another one soon.

Please let me know what you think