Written by Goodfilla

11 Aug 2003

I am 21 and a few weeks ago on a friday i went to my girlfriends house at about 5pm, i walked in the door of the house, it seemed as though no-one was in the house, i walked in the front room - no one, in the kitchen - no one.Eventually having been down the garden to look, i shouted from the bottom of the stairs "hello" to which my girlfriends mum shouyed down " im up here". I walked up the stairs and looked in the bedrooms looking for her thinking she may be putting washing away or something else but again no sign of her. Then all of a sudden she said "im in the bathroom" to which i thought she was cleaning or something as the door was ajar. I pushed the door open to say hello and saw my girlfriends mum in the bath totally naked apart from the suds covering her slightly. "Im so sorry" i said as i hurredly closed the door on my exit. I was so shocked cos it seemed as though she wanted me to go in there, anyway i went downstairs and sat watching the TV. I had always found my girlfriends mum attractive compared to my girlfriend who is 21 slim and a 34c, her mum was 46 quite big but had a fantastic pair of knockers - a 36DD to be exact cos there have been many a times i had a sneaky look at her bras hanging to dry on the radiators. Anyway whilst sitting downstairs waiting watching TV, my girlfriends mum came down stairs and i thought "here goes" she came in the frontroom hair still wet and in a dressing gown, she sat on the chair opposite me and got out some moisturising cream and began rubbing it into her legs, she sat there staring at me and slowly started getting higher up her legs, at that point my knob was rock hard and she noticed it too, she put the cream down and attempted to come over to me when all of a sudden the dorr opens and it was my girlfriend. Her mum quickly sat down and closed her legs. My girlfriend came in and gave me a kiss and started talking. Anyway my girlfriends dad was away on business so it was just us three for the night. We sat watching TV until about 11.30pm when i slipped out the back for a fag, thoughts of her mum were spinning in my head, i had wanted her so much and so wanted to bone her yet she always seemed shy and reserved, i sat their thinkingmaybe she was having an affair and had got a new lease of life. Anyway when i went back into the fron troom my gf had gone and her mum said she was going to bed, so it was just us two sitting watching a film on ITV. At about 12.15pm an advert came on and her mum got up to put the kettle on, on returning she shut the front room door behind her, she put two coffees down on the chair and pulled a vibrator out of her pocket on the gown, i nearly bolted my load right there and then and she said " i know you know how to use it - i've heard you teo before" - meaning me and my girlfriend. She came over and dropped her dressing gown in front of me, she pulled me up from the chair. The anxiety i had had before had now gone totally, i took the vibrator off her and started to kiss her, for someone who i thought was never interested in sex, she could sure kiss. Then i lay her on the floor and started softly playing with her pussy, she was really tight but after a few teasing thrusts it went in nice and slowly. I started going at it slowly as to not spoil it and then started getting harder and faster. After about 10mins she moaned really loud and i could see the cum dripping from her mature pussy. She pushed me down and started sucking my cock, i couldnt believe it - it was like i'd died and gone to heaven. After about 5 mins i said " im gonna spunk " she stopped and started tossing me off, i thought " there is no way she is gonna take this in her mouth" and then as if i could not be surprised no more, she made me cum and swallowed the whole lot. She climbed on top of me and started riding me, her tits bouncing around in front of me made me feel the spunk coming right back up again, i held it back and kept going, then without wanting too - i spunked the whole lot in her. Not only was i boning my gf's mum but it was unprotected too - she had always preached about it to me and was now going against her morals.

Anyway she climbed off of me and got on her hands and knees - her pussy dripping wet right next to me literally a foot from my face. I got straight up and just rammed her, she moaned as i entered but now it was just pure lust.

We went at it for about 45mins, just fucking hard and fast and she loved it just as much as i did.

At about 2.30am, we both slumped on the floor with me having shot my load 4 times. She put her gown on and went into the kitchen coming back with two towels. At 2.45am, we both kissed again and went to bed having promised we wouldnt mention it again.

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