Written by Dirty Harry

17 Feb 2005

This Christmas gone I was seeing a girl called Jessica. It was a casual affair with us just getting it together after meeting in the bar. She was back from uni for the xmas period, and was more of a casual xmas fling. On one particular night I walked her home 'cos she was that drunk she needed taken back safely. She had lost her key during the course of the night, so after trying to negociate some way of gaining access to her house without wakening her mum and sister, there was nothing left to do but to ring the doorbell. After a few minutes of ringing, a figure appeared. Now I had yet to meet her mother, in fact, I hadn't been to her house. She was wearing a long, red nightie and had matching red painted toenails. She looked worried as I helped Jessica indoors and into her room. I settled her in to her bed and helped her onto her side, before turning the light off. Mary, her mum, thanked me perfusely for bringing her back safely, and offered to drive me home. Quite fancying the prospect of spending a journey with her, and knowing it would be a task getting a taxi, I duely obliged. She told me to wait in the car whilst she got changed. When she climbed aboad the Beemer they own, she was wearing a tight red top, jeans and flip flops - she truely looked sexy as, and I couldn;t stop looking at her curves. We chatted more and more as the journey progressed, and she was firing out compliments such as "what a lovely young man I was", and "how her daughter was so lucky." We chatted on and on, before she learned o my interest for the game of golf. She informed me she loved the game, but desperately needed lessons. I then offered to teach her, come the new year. After firstly not wishing to impose herself upon me like that, she got to like the idea, and took my phone number.

I met Jessica a couple of times after that before she returned to Uni, but I began to realise it was her mother I was more interested in, and began fasinating heavily over her. Around a week after Jessica had returned to university, I received a call from Mary inviting me over to help her sort out with her game. I gave her a few pointers, before she offered me a few beers, and made us some sandwiches. She was looking so, so hot, and despite her being 52 years young, she was a huge turn-on to me. We ended up kissing passionatly after she told me of her break up of her marriage, and as I slid my hand down and into her panties, she whispered "not here", and led me to the bedroom. She led me onto the bed before she stripped into a delicious bra and panties set which was just stunning. We had sex for ages, then spent the whole morning with each other in bed, with her wearing nothing but red silk stockings. Nothing has happened between us since, but Jessica has continued to stay in touch by texting, though I remain very reluctant to text back, having betrayed her trust.