Written by Jo

25 Aug 2005

I had just left school in wakefield in the early nineties and whilst having a few gropes of tits with young birds and being wankedoff in the buss tation toilets I was very ineperienced when I saw and ad in the local yellow looking for hosue boys! I had wanked about this kind of thing so

i rang the number and spoke to Ian who stated that he had clients looking for houseboys, after some discussion i met him and he then asked me to ring back when he had aranged for me to be interviewed. i rang Ian the next night and he said could Imeet the next day at 1Pm to meet a possible client looking for some one to train! we met outside the bus station and ian drove me to walton where the client lived in a very large posh house !

When the door opened we were met by a guy about 50 (derek)who was dressed only in a dressing gown,so as you will imagine i was quite nervous ! after talking for about 10 minutes Derek explained that if i was tobe his house boythat I had to be obedient and try everything that he wanted and attend at least twice a week , he then said that if I was still interested then I had to strip to ensure that I was good enough.

This was in the lounge and Ian was also sat there as i undressed finally standing there naked i was getting more and more turned on and I could feel my foreskinn slipping back over my cock! When I was naked Derek pinched my nipples hard, this caused my 6" cock to stick out hard with the precum oozing from my eye! Derek then told me to bend over and quickly pushed his finger up my arse up tohis knuckle, this was very tight and he said to ian i am going to have fun breaking this in. Derek then started to wank my cock with his finger gently fucking my arse as I stood there!

After about 6 strokes I shot all over his hand with my anus spasming ,it was so sexy be naked in a living room in front of two guys that I had just met it ! After i had finished oozing over his fingers Derek thrust his fingers into my mouth telling me I had to get used to the taste of spunk and I might as well try my own first ! The taste was salty and slightly bitter but I swallowed it all as I was told.

Derek then told me to to go upstairs to the bathroom at the top of thestairs where I would find some lube and condoms for my breaking in! my excitement was growing and I was hard as a rock again when I came down the thought of being fucked for the fisrt time a real turn on when I came back Derek told me to knel before ian who was sat on the sofa , thsi I did I was then ordered to take out Ians Cock and suck it ! This was the first time i had ever done this , so at first I started to just lick his nob which was about 8 2 long but Ian then grabbed the back of my head and forced his cock into my mouth I could feelit at the back f my throat and this was almost choking me as ain fucked my mouth . As thsi was happening I suddenly felt a spurt of Ice cold Ky being run down my crack and then Dereks fingers lubing my ring and working it loose , with at first 1 then 2 anf then 3 fingers up my arse! after about 2 minutes of being fingered Derek waved his cock which was luckily about 7 2 in front of my face and told meto lick , this I did after Ian removed his cock from my mouth then Derek then pulled his nod out of my mouth and bent me over agian and pressed his knob against my ring 1 he slowly pushed it into me and I could feel my ring expanding as he pushed it in , It was very tight and was hurting but the pain was also pleasurable ! After about 5 minutes I could suddenly feel his balls hitting my legs and I knew that he was fully in, the feeling was incredible and he started to fuck me slowly ,I felt like I eas having ashit yet the pleasure was send waves through me again,by this time Ian was back in my mouth and i was being spit roasted by a 55 and a40 yr old that I had only met an hour ago ! When derk came I could feel him spurt into the condom ! He pulled and and told me to lick his nob clean , fist with the condom on, and then he pulled that of and pored the spunk into my mouth and then pushed his spunk cock back into my mouth forcing me to drink his salty spunkwhen thsi was done I then sucjked ian off and he came all over me, I was a right sight covered in spunk with my sore arse still gaping and oozing lube lying on his lounge floor,!

Derek said that I had passed and the position of house boy was mine !

Part 2 will detail my further training