Written by Lorraine & John

28 Aug 2005

It's Sunday night & Bishop is thrusting up into me with that wonderful, wonderful penis, while my husband John drives us to our favourite secluded beach. How did I become so lucky to have such a great sexual life for the last two years & would carry on for another 21/2 years.

It had all started when John & I had been posted to work overseas on a very isolated island where the population was only a few thousand & the locals were black.

We had been there a few months & had by this time got to know nearly everyone & getting into the swing of club life there.

One Satuday evening social & dance I found that the locals continually were asking me up to dance & as the evening & booze wore on they became more emboldened, as they would pinch a feel of my breasts & backside. Best of all they would push up against me so that I could feel their cocks hard up against me. The three guys that danced wth me the most were really hung which turned me on as I thought about what it would be like to be fucked by one of them. John was a proficient lover but he had nothing in the way of size compared to thess guys.

Later in bed that night John mentioned that he had noticed how the guys had been feeling me up, also noting that they had hard ons when bringing me back to sit down. He started to stroke my tits & pussy at this, saying that he also noticed that my cheeks were flushed, plus my nipples stood out each time I came to sit down, so obviously I must have been aroused by them. He asked me if I had fancied having one of those black cocks inside of me. I made no reply but I know that my pussy throb at the thought of it as he said it & he needless to say felt it, so he stroked me more & kept on asking me if I wanted a big black cocked lover. The more he said it while playing with my cunt the hotter I became, eventually saying that I would love to try one. By this time he was inside me & we both came at the same time almost immediately. Laying along side me he told me to go for it if I wanted, but it must all be above board & mutual.

A few weeks later John came home from evening shift & I greeted him by asking him if he had been serious when he told me that I could have a black lover. He rplied that he was, if I could arrange it. He was flabbergasted when I told him that I had arranged it for that very night, it was only a phone call away if he really wanted it ot happen. After a few questions about whoit was etc John told me to make the call. My body started to buzz with excitement as I made that call, especially when Bishop told me that he would be with us shortly. At this I told John to get into bed & wait & I would meet him at the door. He must have taken flight to get to us as it seemed as though it was no time before our was being opened to let him in. I told him to go to our bedroom, get undressed & get into bed. I figured to wait a little time to let them talk & give John time to back out if he wanted.

Eventually I climbed into bed between the two of them & after a few moments took hold of both of their cocks. It was beautifully erect, even larger than I had imagined, I could hardly wait to get it inside of me to feel it exploring me, but I had to wait so that John wouldn't feel that I was too eager. By this time they both had hold of a tit each & un fortunately for John< Bishop had beaten him to my pussy, which secretly I had wanted, as I wanted to experience other hands & another cock on & in my body. His hand explored my pussy heating me up quickly, starting to make me wet & thrust up to it. Turning to John I said guests first OK, then turning to Bishop I told him that he was the guest & pulled him towards me so that he could roll on top of me. My wonderful sexual adventur for the next almost 5 years was about to begin.

Even though it was larger than I had anticepated I was so wet with lust for it he entered me easily. It seemed to me that it was never going to stop moving into me. His cock was exploring & touching places that John had never been to. Finally he bottomed out making me feel whole & mfull with his cock, then he started to slowly move. Not in * out like I had been used to but thrusting as thogh he was trying to go deeper. It was undescribable the feelings that he was giving me, they were all new & I started to have mutiple orgasms, which had never happened to me before. He rode me with his fuck machine for a good 20 minutes before I felt his heaviy throbbing deep inside me as he came. After a few more thrusts he rolled off of me. Instantly John was on top of me slopping about inside me, making me feel good but not giving me as much pleasure as Bishop had just given me. John lasted for about 5 or 6 minutes before he rolled off me, instantly being replaced by Bishop's cock once again filling me up & fucking me to further continuous orgasms for a further 20 minutes or more. Once again John was on top of me making me feel good but certainly not the same as Bishop could. While he fucked me I took hold of Bishop's cock (which I really now considered was mine), played with it & wondered at the size of it, it was at least twice the length & girth of John's, no wonder it had felt so good & made me come continuously, but most of all he new how to use it to make me come continuously.

John was of me again, instantly to be replaced by Bishop to fill me up again, making me come again & again.

So it went on & on for more than 4 hours, 20 minutes of Bishop sexually pleasuring me like never before & John just giving me his normal fuck.

Bishop left eventually , leaving us to discuss what we had experienced. John told me that he was amazed at the way I had virtually had fucked for over 4 hours as apart from when Bishop & he had swopped over I had had a cock inside me for the whole time. I told hime that it was because I had been fucked like never before & wanted to continue a relationship with Bishop, he was the fuck of my life. I told John that I loved him but I needed to have Bishop pleasuring me with his wonderful cock. In fact I propositioned him by telling him that if we didn't keep up a three way relationship I would do it behind his back.

That is how I came to be on Bishop's joy stick on a Sunday evening on the way to the beach to continue a wonderful three-way relationship. I always enjoyed Sundays as all I would put on was a dress for decency sake & once Bishop was picked up I would climb into the back seat with him & slide myself on to his pole & fuck without John having any part of me as he would have to drive.

As I said earlier this three some was continuous for almost 5 years. Really I felt that I had two husbands, even though one of them was only my husband for pleasure. Now that I am almost 60 I miss those days & would love to sample him one more time. I'm sure that he would still give me the same pleasure, perhaps not so frequently as that very first night.