Written by m + J

27 Feb 2004

my girl has always had a fantasy for mature guys, of course being as horny as her always encouraged her fantasy. One day she pulled me upstairs and showed me she'd put a advert on the internet.

We had so much response I couldnt believe it. She was so turned on and of course it turned me on too, there was one guy who is 67 and his friend he sent us some pictures he had a huge cock and his mate turned her on too my girl was just gagging for it, we sent them a reply and finally arranged to meet at his place. We were so excited and turned on but frightend too, we almost backed out so many times, anyway we drove through. To make things easier she had a long coat on with just suspenders and bra underneath no knickers. When we got to his place he was waiting at the door we didnt even have to knock, he took my girl by the hand and lead her to the bedroom no talking nothing , i quickly followed them and I took off her coat for her she was so scared she was shaking, they both had bathrobes on which quickly fell away he kissed her roughly then so did his friend, he pushed her down to his cock she slurped onto it and I could tell she was really getting into it, the other one took over and slid his dick in and out of her mouth, the first guy got onto the floor and pulled her on top of him, his dick slipped easily into her cunt and she moaned with pleasure as she continued to suck the other guys cock. He then took his cock out of her mouth and started to finger her arse , i was so turned on by these old guys fucking and using my girl, he fingered her arse roughly and got over her and thrusted his cock deep into her arse in one movement i could see it hurt her a little, they both fucked her hard and deep she was moaning with pleasure so I held her head and fucked her face. They got off her, and she got onto her back on the floor so she could take him into her face to face, he pushed so deep into her and banged away, then I could see him shudder as he came inside her, the other guy flipped her over and entered her arse again, i could tell it was beginning to hurt her but she kept going , i came in her mouth and she swallowed , the other guy pulled out and came over her arse cheeks, they laughed and joked about it all and we left. She wants more !