Written by Sue

6 Jan 2005

My life as a temp

I have just turned 25, got divorced from a loveless and sexless marriage, moved to a new part of the country and started work as a temporary secretary/PA. I guess I'd better tell you a little more about myself, my name is Charlotte, Charlie for short (Charlotte the harlot is what they used to call me at school) I'm fairly little, only 4'9", green eyes, blonde hair that tumbles down over my shoulders, I take a size 8 to 10 and wear a 30 B bra, because of my size my boobs look enormous(although I have been told that my boobs are firm enough for me not to bother) I have always dressed attractively, skirts that would just be short enough to show off my legs, I always wear high heels (because of my lack of height) and find that these accentuate the shape of my legs and make my bottom look firmer than I think it is. Because my bust is firm, I wear mostly, clinging, low-cut tops, wearing Wonderbra's to make the most of my cleavage, I have a nice selection of thongs to minimise the risk of a panty-line showing through my clothes and although I prefer to leave my legs bare, if I wear anything on them I would normally choose stockings and suspenders. I find that I get on well with most women where I worked and most men seem to like me too (I've been told that this is because they feel protective towards me) I've always been a bit of a flirt this was probably one of the reasons I got divorced, before I got married I was a bit of a free spirit, I never had trouble finding boyfriends and by the time I had married (I was 19) I had had several lovers and was the more experienced partner in the marriage.

The downside to my divorce was that I had to go to work again, something which I hadn't done for the past four years! Until I began to earn some money, they would be no chance for me to get out and enjoy myself. Before I quit work I used to be a fairly good PA, my ex-husband was jealous of me working so closely with my (male) boss and that was why I stopped working. My lack of money, coupled with the divorce, had meant that I hadn't had a sexual partner for the last 11 months, so to say I was feeling frustrated didn't really cover it.

I signed on with several Temp agencies but was told that due to my lack of any work experience in the past four years, it would be difficult to find a job for me other than, perhaps, an office junior (at 25!) Anyway, at one of the smaller agencies I went to, I was told that they would be willing to give me a try-out as a PA if I didn't mind working for one of their clients, who was "difficult", being desperately short of money I agreed as this was the best (only) offer I had received. They told me I could start the next day, Wednesday, and if I was okay there, that I could say there for the following two weeks. I was told to dress smart as it was an old fashioned company that I would be working for, and my boss was called Mr F, but I was to report to the office manager in the first instance. They added that I would need to be flexible on the hours they wanted me to work and that on occasion I may be required to drive Mr F to conferences and meetings that may require me being away overnight (for which, of course, I would be paid at an enhanced rate) I told them that this wouldn't matter as I lived alone and could work late or travel away anytime.

So, first thing Wednesday morning I got up bright and early, showered and prepared myself for my first day back at work. I selected a nice, dark charcoal, two-piece outfit, consisting of a fitted skirt (just above the knee) with a sexy slit at the back, a stylish, fitted jacket and a white silk blouse. Underneath I wore a white satin Wonderbra, matching high-waisted thong, white satin suspender-belt and a pair of dark tan, fully fashioned stockings, you know the ones with the seam at the back. To finish my outfit off I selected a pair of, fairly conservative, black shoes with a tiny (tiny for me anyway) 2 inch heel. I must admit that I looked the part as I swirled around in front of my mirror. Anyway I turned up at Mr Fs offices 30 minutes early to try and give a good impression, the office manager, Jean, told me that F was a senior partner (a solicitor) spent a lot of time at work, and was very demanding on his staff, she also added that he didn't abide by some "modern" office practices.

F summoned me into his office and spent the next half-hour explaining what my duties were and what would be expected of me, including overnight stays at hotels when we were away. I guess F was in his mid-forties, greying at the temples and with alert blue eyes, he wasn't thin, neither was he fat. Now I don't know about other women but, age doesn't really worry me, and I find power a real turn on. I spent the rest of the morning being shown around the office by junior and after lunch went into F’s office to begin work. The office was deserted when I arrived, F. was out at a business lunch and wasn't expected back until late afternoon. My desk, which is situated directly opposite F’s was piled high with documents for me to check for corrections, and I was told that F. expected this done by his return.

As I said, I hadn't worked for some years and found it a hard slog as I began to work my way through all the documents that had been left. F. strolled into the office around four o'clock, I was at my desk, my jacket off and about halfway through the work that had been left. F. asked me if I was having problems and I said no, it was just first day nerves, F. walked around and stood behind me, looking over my shoulder, he placed a hand on my shoulder and leant forwards, I could smell his, expensive, aftershave and the distinctive odour of brandy on his breath, his hand was, absentmindedly, stroking my shoulder as he peered alternately at the document I was working on and the cleavage I was showing. He told me that he would like the documents checked before I went home and asked if that was okay, I told him there was no problem and that I could stay for as long as he needed me to. He sat at his desk and asked if there was no one waiting for me and I explained about my divorce and single status. As the afternoon wore on I noticed F. kept looking up from his work, at me and I wondered what was up, he seemed to be looking at my desk more than at me. The next time I brought some documents over to him, he pointed to the one he had been reading and asked me something about its contents, as I leant over his desk to look at the document, I saw his eyes widen as he could see clearly down the front of my blouse which gaped open when I lent over, I knew he could see the curves of my breasts and my lacy bra, I could feel my nipples hardening under his gaze. After he had finished (and had a good enough look) I walked back to my desk, I could feel his eyes on my arse as I crossed the office. I noticed that my desk didn't have a "modesty" panel, so the dirty bugger had been watching my legs under the desk. I thought to myself that I might as well give him a bit of a show (he might forget how slow I was being) so I crossed my legs at the ankles, allowing my knees to part slightly, moving every now and then so that he would catch a glimpse of my stocking tops and, on one occasion, my white, satin covered crotch. F. seemed to appreciate it as he told me that I could leave once I had finished with the document I had in front of me. So, 15 minutes later I took the work across to him, making sure that he had another good look down the front of my blouse as I put it on to his desk. I told him that I enjoyed my first day there and thanked him for his patience. Then I went home and masturbated myself silly thinking of what it would be like if F. had groped me or even fucked me and made a promise to myself that I would try and be the best personal assistant F. had ever had.

The next day I showed up for work early and looking forward to another day working closely with F. I was wearing a smart black skirt which ended some 4 inches above my knees, a cream coloured blouse, made from the finest silk so that where it touched my body, it would be possible to see my bra underneath it. The bra I was wearing was a fairly transparent, fancy, lace embroidered one that gave me a fantastic cleavage but barely covered my dark brown nipples, I coupled this with a matching, transparent, lace g-string and a suspender-belt to hold up a pair of the most expensive, black, seamed, fully fashioned stockings that I own. On my feet I wore a pair of shiny black shoes with 3 inch heel's. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that F. was going to be out all morning and that he had left another desk full of work for me to be getting on with in his absence. I was still beavering away when he returned at 4 p.m., I could smell the brandy on his breath as he passed me, he had had a successful morning in court in his client had treated him to a long, late lunch. He stood in front of my desk and asked how things were going, I told him that everything was fine and passed on the messages that had been left for him to do with. I noticed that he wasn't trying to conceal the fact that he could see, clearly down the front of my blouse and I could feel my nipples begin to harden under his gaze, I could also see a decent sized bulge beginning to form in the front of his, bespoke, trousers. Being a tease I asked if he could check the document that I was working on, F. came around behind me and rested his hand on my shoulder, as I knew he would and leant over to check the document, his hand gently massaging my shoulder as he read, I let out a low moan and told him that he was doing to my shoulder felt good, he asked if I wanted him to rub the other one as well, I of course, said I would love him. So, standing behind me, F. began massaging my neck and shoulders, occasionally letting his long fingers "accidentally" brush the upper slopes of my breasts, I was really getting damp by now and F. must have been feeling nervous as he told me he had to be getting on with some of his own work and hoped he had helped me, as I turned around to thank him, I came face to face with the largest bulge I had seen in ages, filling the front of F.'s trousers. Obviously embarrassed, F. walked quickly back to his desk and sat down. You could feel how charged the atmosphere was in the office, knowing that F. wouldn't be able to resist a peek, I sat with my legs bent and my knees opening and closing, knowing that F. would be getting a clear view of my stockings and lace covered pussy. By now it was 6 p.m. and most of the other staff had left. Trying to break the tension, F. asked me to get one of his law books down from one of the many shelves that covered the office walls. I went to the shelves he pointed to the began to look for the book. I saw that it was on the top shelf, so I got the small set of steps and began to climb up them, as I got close to the top shelf, I looked down and saw F. staring at me and realised that he could possibly see my stocking tops from where he was sitting. Just then the steps wobbled causing me to squeal in alarm, F. was there in a second, one hand steadying the steps, the other on my leg to steady me. I knew then, from where he was standing, F. had an unobstructed view up the back of my skirt and would be able to clearly see my stocking tops and nearly naked bottom. I asked him to keep hold of me as I climbed down, moving the leg he was holding first, causing his hand to slide up my thigh, trembling a little as I felt it contact the skin above my stocking and then the naked cheek of my bum. He was breathing heavily as I got off of the steps, it looked like the front of his trousers would be ripped apart at any moment. He told me to go home as I have just had a nasty shock. Not wanting to lose my job I said thank you to him and reaching up gave him a kiss on the cheek, his arms around me, one hand resting on my bottom, he looked into my eyes, uncertain so I kissed him fully on his lips, rubbing my body against his, moaning as I felt both his hands round my bottom, picking me up off the ground our tongues exploring each other's mouth, I was feeling really horny now and wrapped my stocking clad legs around F.'s waist, pulling us closer together I could feel the hardness and heat of his long cock pressing between my legs as he carried me over to his desk, laying me down on it, his hands hurriedly I'm doing my blouse, freeing my breasts from my bra as he began to kiss each one in turn, sucking on my nipples. By now I was randy as hell, reaching between my legs I unzipped F.'s trousers and released his penis, gasping at how big and hard felt in my hand. If anybody had come into the office they would have found me lying on F.'s desk, my blouse open and my breasts exposed, my skirt up around my waist and my stocking clad legs wrapped around F., his cock out and in the my hand, F. had pulled my g-string to one side and was busily masturbating me, dipping two of his long fingers in and out of my honeypot and driving me mad. Taking hold of his cock I guided it into the opening of my sopping wet pussy, it was the biggest cock I had ever had inside me, and as F. continued to fill me up with it, I was glad that I was already wet inside, I can't tell you how dirty it felt to be screwed like that without even taking the time to remove my panties! As I felt his pubic hairs touch my clit I cried out in ecstasy as a climax shook my body, F. started screwing me with long, slow thrusts, bring me quickly towards another climax, sensing my excitement he began to speed up his movements until we were both humping and grinding like a pair of teenagers, I felt F. tense, his cock noticeably swelling inside my already stuffed pussy, he asked if I wanted him to stop or pull out of me, I was on the pill and wasn't worried about getting pregnant, and I was so close to my own climax that I threw care to the wind and was surprised as I heard myself yelling at him not to stop "fucking" me and that I wanted to feel him cum inside me. This seemed to trigger his climax and with a couple of hard thrusts I felt him begin to cum, his cock jerking as spurt after spurt of hot, sticky cum flooded my well stuffed honeypot setting off my own climax.

When he was completely drained, F. pulled his softening penis out of me with a plop, leaving me lying there on his desk, unable to close my legs and his semen leaking out of my well stretched pussy. He later told me that he didn't know what had come over him and apologised, I told him that it was okay and it was something that I wanted to happen too. He went on to say that although he was still sexually active, his wife had lost all interest in sex. He said that it was time for me to go home and that would understand if I didn't want to work for him any more, but I told him not to be silly and that I had really enjoyed what had happened and hoped that it wouldn't be the last time it would happen.

I tidied myself up as best I could before I left, my boobs were still tender from the attention of F. and my g-string no longer covered my pussy but disappeared between my stretched lips, I could still feel F.'s sticky cum leaking out from me and coating the insides of my thighs, my stockings were now baggy where they had stretched and my honeypot felt like it would never regain its original tightness. On the way home I wondered how this would affect my job. Back at home I went straight up to my bedroom, undressed and brought myself off several times using nothing but my fingers, letting them explore my newly stretched insides, before finally pulling them out and sucking off the remnants of the cum that had filled me only a short while before.