Written by Stuarty Boy

18 Jun 2007

Thi story is 100% true!!!

My name is Stuart and my wife is called Trisha. We are a happily married couple in our thirties.

Trisha is 35, size 16, brunette, huge tits with very big nipples.

We have been together for over ten years and our sex life had well and trully plumeted over the last few years.

I was Trisha's first sexual partner when we met, so she had no-one to compare me to between the sheets. She did have boyfriends before she met me but she only wanked them off or lt them play with her tits.

Trisha only ever cums if I am licking her pussy or if I an playing wiht her clit - she never cums through penetrative sex with me.

I took months of trying different positions and different techniques but she never cums on my cock. There have often been times when I have been fucking her fur about half an hour when she will say that she cant even feel me inside her.

Sometimes she will feel sorry for me and let me fuck her, but she is not interested at all, she will get on her back and read a book or a magazine while I am pounding at her pussy. She will ask me if I am inside her yet.

She will tell me to hurry up and when I am finished she will just turn the light out and roll over.

Over the last few years I have had the urge to see Trisha getting serviced by a man with a normal to large sized cock. The problem we have is that my cock is absolutely tiny, even when it is hard it is small.

One night over a few glasses of wine I brought up my fantasy of seeing her getting fucked by another guy. To say she hit the roof was an understatement! She was calling me all kinds of names, she thought that I was a weirdo, that it was not natural to want to see her with another man etc. Obviously I thought that nothing would ever happen until.....

A couple of years later, Trisha was getting ready to go out on the town with her girl friends, I was going to drive her to meet them. She was getting ready to go out and asking my opinion of different outfits etc.

She tried a black top and black trousers, which she decide was a bit boring, she took the top off and said she wanted to wear something that showed off more cleavage.

I asked her why she wanted to show her cleavage and she said, 'Well, I might want to meet some guys and have some fun with them' - she looked at me for a reaction.

I said, 'Why would you want to do that?'

She replied 'Well, thats what you want me to do isnt it you freak - you want your wife to go out and get fucked by other guys! Well tonight I might just do that'

She seemed really serious.

She bent over and felt my cock was getting hard and she said that beacuase of that - she would definately be going out and getting fucked tonight!

She eventually settled for a really low cut top with a wonder bra underneath, she pulled her tits up even higher so that half of the nipples were on display. She also wore bright red lipstick, trousers and heels.

I dropped her off at a bar in the centre of town and said to her that she didnt have to go out and meet guys, half hopping that she wouldnt. She said that it was too late for that now and I should never have asked her to fuck other guys in the first place - it was obviously what I wanted.

When I got home my mind was in a daze, what was my wife doing? who was she talking to? what would her friends thonk about her talking to other guys? An hour or so later, I started to get excited at the thought, was she kissing another man? was he feeling her wonderful tits? was she feeling a much larger cock then my tiny penis?

About 2 am, Trisha phoned me, it was very loud so I could hardly hear her. She was in a nightclub. She said she would be home in an hour and she was bringing someone home with her - I thought she was taking the piss, until a male voice spoke on the phone saying that he was coming home to see these big tits in the flesh and that he hopped I didn't mind?

The next voice was Trisha's she said, well this is what you want isnt it? See you soon.

An hour later a taxi pulled up outside, I peered out of the bedroom window and it was Trisha coming in with another man like she said she would.

I pretended I was asleep with all of the lights out. However Trisha had other plans, she started shouting on he as soon as they got in the door.

She shouted on me to come down. So I got out of bed and came downstairs. Trisha was standing totally pissed with this young guys arm around her shoulder. He must have been about 25.

'This is Adam, and he is going to be spending the night with us, he has a lovely big cock - at least three times the size of yours - and he is going to be fucking me with it while you watch - OK!' Trisha said.

'Incase your wondering how I know that he has a big cock - I gave him a blow job in the alley behind the club' she said.

I told Trisha, 'You know - you dont have to do this Trisha - lets just leave it eh?'

At that Trisha put her arms around Adam and they started kissing passionately. Her tongue went into his mouth and his into hers. He was running his hands up and down her body and through her hair.

I just sat and stared.

Next, he had his hands on her arse and started moving up towards her top, he pulled the top over her head and she was now standing in her bra.

Adam then started feeling her tits over the top of her bra, next thing the bra was unfastened and she was for the first time, standing topless in front of another guy.

They moved onto the couch. His mouth went straight for her big nipples, they were really standing out, she was obviously really turned on.

While he was sucking her tits, she looked over to me and said, 'What do you think then - you thought I wouldnt do this didnt you?'

She then told me to take my boxer shorts off and show her my little cock standing up.

I dropped my shorts and she was right - my tiny little cock was standing to attention and she burst out laughing.

She told Adam to get his cock out and stand next to me.

Adam unfastened his jeans and dropped them, his cock must have been four times the size of mine. They both had a good laugh at me.

Trisha then pulled adam back to the couch and started sucking on his big cock - she was transfixed on it. She also sucked on his balls.

Adam was moving his hand between her legs and the next thing - she was naked.

She lay on her back on the coouch and pulled Adam up inside her pussy. You should have seen the look on her face - a look of sheer extasy - for the fist time she was getting totally filled up. She came the moment he entered her. She also came another few times while he pumped his big cock into her.

She asked me to come over, she then made be put my head on her belly and watch closely while his big cock fucked her.

'There you go, do you like that? Thats what you wanted to see now wasnt it?' she said lovingly while stroking my cheek.

Her face was bright red, her hair a mess and she was gasping at the huge cock that was fucking her.

She pulled me up to her face while he was fucking her really hard and said 'I love you Stuart - but this is how it is going to be from now on ok' - she gave me a peck on the lips and said 'I cant stand having sex with you anymore, it does nothing for me, your cock is tiny and I dont see why I should suffer and not have a sex life becuase of it. I dont mind you wanking over me while I get fucked if it gives you a thrill. I am going to meet as many guys as possible for sex now, I will bring some of them home, others I will not bring home - but I will tell you all about them. I am not going to make any of them wear condoms either, they can all fuck me any way they want and cum anywhere they want. You should never have said that you wanted to see me getting fucked by other guys and this would never have happened'

She then gave me a big kiss again and told me that she loved me.

All this time Adam was fucking her really rough and squeezing her tits and pulling her nipples.

She pushed Adam off of her and said to me, 'There's one thing I want you to do before you go to bed - I want you to lube up my arse hole and get it ready to take Adams cock'

She had never been fucked in the arse! she had never let me fuck her in the arse! And here she was asking me to help get her arse ready for some young guy to fuck that she had only known for the last few hours!

I agreed and said, 'Of course - I would do anything for you'.

She produced a tube of lubrication from her bag and asked me to smear it on my fingers and push them up her arse.

Her arse was really tight and I wondered how on earth she was going to take his big cock up it.

While I was sticking my fingers in her arse she was sucking on Adams cock again.

She would turn around to me and say 'Hurry up just get me ready for it'

After a couple of minutes, she said that she would be as ready as ever.

Adam Moved behind her and got close to her arse. Trisha said 'Wait - I want Stuart to guide Adams cock up my arse'

So I had to take Adams massive cock in my hand and push it into my wifes arse.

She squeeled like a pig while it went up and he fucked her arse for about another twenty minutes before cumming deep up her bum.

I was then told to go to the spare room.

I love my wife.