Written by veronica

17 Oct 2005

Hi im a 45 year old married house wife just started to get into Dogging

i have found this site to be very erotic and always need to play with my self when i read the stories

for 45 im still in very good shape my husband if im lucky will shag me for a very quick 5 mins once a month

that is just not enough

i have since 40 been getting a very high sex drive and want more than he can give

toys are no longer enough so i decided that Saturday night i would go out looking to quench my Lust

so in a teeshirt style top

no bra or knickers jogging pants i drove my car to the carpark named on this site for dogging

i sat in my car just watching from the shadows cars coming in and out a lot of cars but no sexual acctivity

gosh had i got it so wronge

just then when i was about to give up a man from no where knocked on my window and asked if i was ok

made me jump i said yes im find was just wanting to see what goes on here at night

he smiled and said that dependson if you want my company

gosh my hart was pounding i could feel my fanny tingle

then i dont know why i said it but i told him to sit in my car and i would blow him

so there he was cock out in my car the car i run my kids to school in sucking off a guy i did not even know the name off i felt such a dirty slutas i was sucking him he told me we had now others watching us

we rearanged our selves and took of my shirt and joggers then naked i got back to blowing him

the car door then oppend and i coulf feel hands all over me

god i was feeling horney just then the cock in my mouth began to shudder as he blasted his load into my gob

i must have been sucking like a vac taking down his warm spurmthen getting out of the car with my hands on the bonnet not even thinking about protection the two guys out side the car both took turns at slipping me there very hard cocks up my very wet fanny

two cocks to loads of cum up deep in my fanny

as i drove home i could not stop thinking of the taste of the guy i blew off or the feel of the two cocks grinding up my slit

as i walked in to my house hubby was in bed

i sliped in next to him my fingers then found my cum filled slit and i spent the next 10 mins fingering my self and sucking the cum of them

he did not stir once

looking foward to next saturday now