Written by kate

21 Dec 2003

My daughter was out so my husband and i were going to have a cosy afternoon in.We had both had our baths.my mate dropped by delivering christmas cards,and so the story begins.sarah is 8 years younger than me(26),my husband being 54.I think he has always fancied sarah but wont admit it.he answered the door in his bath robe and sarah came into the lounge. I was sat on the sofa in my bathrobe,a little see through to sit with visitors.She felt a little embarresed but my husband put her at ease by offering her a drink.a bottle of wine was opened and drunk,then another bottle and then a third.by this time we were all alittle tippsy.when i drink wine i always feel horny and i think in conversation that might of come out.sarah said she was going but my husband said there was no hurry why didnt she stay for a while longer,she agreed.by this time all i wanted was a good fuck but with sarah there it didnt seem possible.my husband went into the kitchen and called me in to.he asked whether i fancied three in a bed,i was game for anything.okay leave it with me he said.he went upstairs and called me up to.he was sat naked on the sofa in our bedroom.he said for me to call sarah up into the bedroom and invite her to get into bed with me,so i did.i was led naked on the bed when she came into the bedroom.she was very surprised.my husband said ,are you up for it,she didnt hesitate in saying yes.my husband got up and hugged her and we began to undress her together.sarah had lovely big firm tits and i couldnot wait to see them.