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My Memoirs: Claire: Mirror, mirror. Fourteen.

"She loved to watch."

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"You'll have to come around soon Lewis, I've finally got my bedroom sorted"

A local company had fitted a large mirror the whole length of her wall at the foot of Claire's bed, opposite her hidden silhouette mural. It was an expensive purchase, very heavy, a required to be professionally hung. The company had thrown in a second mirror into the deal, again large, but apparently with a thinner glass, it had been in the showroom for months, and I think that the company just wanted to get rid of it for new stock.

Claire payed extra for the fitting, which involved four large corner bolts being fitted into the loft floor joists, it was positioned directly over her bed attached the ceiling.

"Evening Lewis"

Claire had opened the door before I'd been given chance to ring the bell.

"Come in Lewis, I'm so excited about showing you"

Shutting the front door, Claire took my hand and led me immediately upstairs, her silky black dressing gown clinging to her body as l followed her into the bedroom.

It looked twice as big as last time I'd seen it, as Claire shut the door behind me.

I looked around, again as always immediately drawn to the hidden silhouette mural, and then the large new wall mirror.

"Well what do you think"

Hearing Claire's voice as she stood behind me. I turned to look at her, she had disrobed and stood naked in front of me.

"So what's the plan Claire, some kind of reverse CFNM... what would that be called CMNF, the room looks huge by the way"

"Just get yourself naked Lewis, I want to fuck"

I quickly started removing my clothes, lifting my t-shirt above my head as I felt Claire's hands unbuckle my belt and pull my jeans open.

"Get them off Lewis, I want you naked right now"

We stood naked looking into the wall mirror at the bottom of Claire's bed, she was keenly rubbing her pussy with her right hand and playing with my cock with her left.

I was excited about the prospect of being wanked by Claire in front of the mirror, she always liked to milk me before we fucked, but not today.

Claire wanted to fuck and she was desperate to see herself.

"I want to be able to watch myself getting fucked Lewis"

She took control immediately and pushed me onto her bed.

"Face the other way Lewis l want to watch myself ride you"

l positioned myself as Claire wished, I watched as she lifted her leg to straddle me, her pussy already soaking, wet in anticipation, my cock fully erect waiting for her to slide herself over me. I heard her moans as she lowered herself deeper down my shaft, seemingly savoring every inch as l watched my cock slowly disappear inside her. Claire pushed her hands onto my chest and began to slide herself up and down on my cock, only occasionally lifting her hand to push her hair back as it kept falling forward as her body moved on top of me.

"God, he feels so big Lewis"

I couldn't believe it when I saw the ceiling mirror.

"Bloody hell Claire, how much did that cost"

"Never you mind, just make it worth every last penny"

Claire momentarily looked down towards me before looking into the mirror as she watched herself, my hands moving from the side of her thighs to her boobs depending on how fast she thrust herself, I could already feel her loosing control.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck I'm going to cum"

It was the only encouragement I needed, I don't think I'd ever experienced her cumming that quickly, and I was fast to attempt to now push myself deeper and harder into her, she let out a moan and a big sigh, as her whole body shuddered and collapsed on top of me.

Yet literally within only seemingly a few seconds, Claire had rolled off me and was stroking my cock.

"Get up Lewis, get in front of the mirror, that's what you want isn't it, let's watch as l wank you"

Claire leaned into me looking at both of us in the mirror, her hand working my cock as she did so. She was definitely enjoying herself and so was l.

Of course I'd masturbaited in front of a mirror at home, but never before in the company of anyone else, let alone them being naked and doing it for me.

Needless to say l wasn't going to last long, I thought I'd already done well to not cum whilst Claire orgasmed on top of me a few minutes earlier. I warned Claire that I was close, but she already knew as she wanked me with more vigor, I knew that l was about to let go, and I was compelled to watch my load explode in front of us and onto the mirror. My legs began to tremble and buckle as my first jizzy load hit the mirror with some force, as I watched it begin to trickle down towards the floor, but Claire kept going, she really loved making me explode, and watching through the mirror took it to a whole different level, as another two hard loads hit the mirror.

"Such a naughty boy Lewis, look at the mess you are making"

Another stringy load, but this time falling short of the mirror, as Claire squeezed the last droplets of cum out of me as we watched as cum ran down her finger's and into the palm of her hand.

I fell back onto the bed, as Claire wiped her hand with a tissue before lying next to me. We cuddled and giggled, looking up at ourselves through the ceiling mirror, Claire's dark patch of pubic hair standing out against her pale skin, her nipples seemingly getting hard next to me.

Claire then turned into me on her side, her hand rubbing against my chest, before working down to my stomach, before again squeezing my cock, before finding her way to my balls as she juggled them in her hand before beginning to stroke my cock to hardnesses again.

"You like that Lewis"

I nodded, as I felt and watched myself growing in Claire's hand.

"You want me again don't you"

Again I nodded as Claire yanked harder on my cock.

"How you want me Lewis, do you want to take me from behind"

I let my hand wonder between her legs, as Claire willingly opened them and encouraged me to enter her with my figures, her moans and whimpers always a turn on.

I knew what she wanted, she wanted to watch herself in the mirror being fucked from behind and I more than willing to oblige.

I forcefully moved Claire onto her tummy as l began to lick her out, again Claire opening herself up for me, until raising herself in readiness for my hard cock which was now positioned and nudging to get inside her.

I loved to hear her moans as l thrust myself deep into her wet pussy, my hands on her hips as l controlled the speed of my motion, Claire watching herself being taken, l would gently tug her hair towards me, and watch as she naturally lifted her head up and looked at me through the mirror.

I would lean forward into her and whisper, telling her that she was such a great fuck, she loved to hear that and would immediately start to push her ass back down the length of my cock as l would pick up my rhythm as we fucked.

Claire pushed herself away, she decided that she wanted to squat on my erection in front of the mirror at this point.

I lay on the bed, letting Claire take control again as she lowered herself onto my shaft, it was never my favourite position, as Claire had her back to me, but this time it was different, by just putting my head to the side and looking ahead, I could see Claire in the mirror riding my cock, her tits bouncing in tandem with her body, her pussy wide open as my cock appeared and disappeared like a piston in a car engine. Claire grabbed her phone from off the bed and took a couple of photos, but her face was obstructed by the phone in trying to get the shot she wanted, she handed the phone to me telling me that she wanted some stills of her in this position for Lucy's next project.

I pulled Claire back towards me, making my cock slip out of her, but I quickly replaced it with my fingers, I then pushed Claire onto her back and slipped my cock back into her.

"Fuck Lewis"

As she lay on her back, looking at herself through the ceiling mirror, she watched as she grabbed my ass and pulled me deep inside her pussy.

I was now pounding Claire fast and hard, Claire's breath became short, but she was getting louder and louder with every stroke l pushed into her.

"That’s it Lewis, my God you're going to make me cum again, don't you dare fucking stop, just fuck me with all of that cock"

Well I didn't need much encouragement, Claire knew her words were always a turn on, her moaning and screaming driving me wild, the thought of Tommy and his Dad next door highly likely listening, encouraged me to keep fucking her, as Claire felt her second intense orgasm.

"Fuck me Lewis, faster, faster, faster, like there's no tomorrow, deeper Lewis, you dirty fuck"

She inspired me to drive hard and fast as l felt a massive build up of cum leave my balls, and start to work its way to up my shaft, feeling the need to blow my load sooner rather than later. I looked at myself through the large wall mirror, before lowering my head beside Claire's, all the time she looking into the ceiling mirror, watching her hands as she grabbed my ass and pulled me in deeper, before moving her fingers and black nails from top to bottom of my back in the knowledge of how close I was to my release.

Claire let out a scream of pleasure as she orgasmed again with me inside her, at the same time drawing me further into her by wrapping her legs around me.

"Fuck Claire, I'm going to cum"

"Go on then Lewis, give it to me, give me your hot cum"

I quickly pulled out and straddled Claire, wanking myself as I watched in the wall mirror, Claire lifting her head to watch me pumping my hard cock for her, she lay back on the bed now looking into the ceiling mirror, her hands playing with her tits as she pushed them together as I watched her.

I let out a moan and groan, stroking myself faster and harder.

"Here it is, I'm going to blow"

"Do it Lewis, cum all over my pale body and tits, l want to feel that cum jizzing all over me"

I launched a massive cumshot over Claire's body, watching her twitching in anticipation of the next jet of cum, her deep breaths, as my second shot covered her tits as l pushed myself slightly forward still wanked my cock frantically not wanting my orgasm to end. Five more loads exploded over Claire's body, her eyes moving between the ceiling mirror and my cock as the last few droplets of cum sprayed over her stomach.

I fell back besides Claire, as we both admired the perfect body shots through the ceiling mirror.

Written by Lewis68

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