Written by Greedyboy

22 Apr 2017

Fresh Milk

The background to my story is that I am a new mother. I’m happily married to a lovely husband and during and after the birth of our son he was the most loving and considerate any husband could be. His work takes him away for weeks or months at a time and eventually it was time for him to leave me alone with my baby. So one day I was queueing in the supermarket with baby in a sling in front of me and waiting to pay for my groceries. I felt the attention of a beefy young man behind me. We caught each other’s eyes and he smiled and blushed. After the queue shuffled forward the baby stirred and whilst I settled him I looked up to see my companion starring at my chest.

I paid for my shopping and then found him walking past me and holding the shop door open for me. Thanking him he just gawped at me tongue tied. So I smiled and waited for him to force his words out. He struggled to tell me that he was a body builder and didn’t want to use chemicals to bulk up but was there any chance I had some spare baby milk as that was even better.

It was my turn to be speechless but as he was such a nice young man I told him that was usually the case as baby was still very small and didn’t need much. This pleased him and so I said give me a phone call this afternoon and we’ll arrange something. Later on we talked on the phone and arranged for him to call at 6 o'clock. Now it was my innocence that drove events forward. I fed baby and put him down just before 6pm. Stevie rang the bell at 6 o’clock exactly and as I answered the door baby called me. I put Stevie in the lounge and sat him down and went upstairs to settle my child.

Back down stairs I sat on the sofa next to Stevie and without any further thought pulled up my top popped a breast out and told him to lay in my lap and be gentle. He told me afterwards how stunned he had been but just went along with my so generous offer. His sucking became more certain as I encouraged him to suck harder and he did that so well and both more strongly and more gently than my baby. When I moved him on to my other tit he just lay there with his eyes closed contently sucking and smiling like a big baby. When I felt he’d had enough I pulled my nipple from him and he quickly sat up. His face was bright red with blushing and I asked him if he wanted come back at about 9 tomorrow morning. That evening and bed time I really felt the absence of my husband. For the first time in weeks I wanted a good seeing to and as I lay alone in my bed my fingers easily brought me off, more than once before I fell asleep.

The next morning I was busy with my usual tasks and when I sat feeling baby my mind returned to the different and adult way he had sucked them yesterday. I was looking forward to more of that today. He came promptly whilst I burped baby and sat in the lounge whilst I put him in his cot. I was looking forward to some more adult attention and as we both knew the moves he was soon laying in my lap ready for a milky nipple with his eyes closed. As that breast emptied I told him how much easier this was than standing over the sink getting rid of the excess. He didn’t realise I had to do this so he lay there and we talked whilst I put one breast away and readied the next for him. As he started sucking, eyes closed and smiling, I relaxed and enjoyed the pleasure he was giving me. Before I knew it I was feeling really turned on, under the weight of his head my fanny was hot and crying for attention. I tried to calm myself and opened my eyes to look round the room and pull myself together. Then I noticed the bulge in his trousers!

I rushed him out of the door and just nodded when he asked rather worriedly if he should call again at 6 that evening. As soon as he was gone my hands were in my knickers and my fingers frantically taking care of my lust.

Six o’clock came and we were on the sofa again. His lips locked over half my breast sucking in and out. His bigger mouth was reaching parts that baby couldn’t. His tongue wildly working my long and aching nipple. Not painfully aching but longing for every next suck and following urgent lick. My eyes couldn’t fail to check out his trousers and sure enough there was a big tent down there. I really wanted to feel it, but I stopped myself by stroking his face and muttering encouragement. All too soon he had emptied my other breast and we lay there contentedly. Not tongue-tied now he started thanking me and telling me how beautiful I was. His intensity and compliments where almost as good as sex, or at least as good as foreplay and I lapped it up. I didn’t hurry him out and didn’t diddle myself silly the moment I was alone. Instead I lay back on the sofa and indulged in a long fantasy of my husband making love to me. After I had come most thoroughly and fully I continued revelling in the fantasy until I was brought up sharply with the vision of Stevie’s face over me and not my husbands.

That night my sexy dreams were disturbed by alternating two men’s faces over me whilst I dreamed of one fuck after another.

Sunday morning the milkman called. My muscly own milkman Stevie and his milkmaid was waiting. I had a towel ready and took my top and bra off. I suggested he strip off as well as we had been a bit messy. No sooner was my full tit in his greedy mouth than my mind was back in that fantasy. His chest was hot and hard and manly under my arm. As his deep breathing moved my arm up and down my fingers played over his pecks and strayed down to his six pack. He was ticklish and sprayed a mouthful of milk over us. We were out of control laughing and didn’t stop until our mouths clamped together. It was a hot milky kiss and I think we were both shocked that it had happened. Both trying to regain control and apologise I just stuck my other nipple forward and he latched on and closed his eyes. We both relaxed for a few lovely minutes. Then he stiffened up and shuddered and spat out my tit and some milk again. He jumped up clutching at his trousers and spluttering Oh god I’m so sorry. He’d had cum in his pants. I felt so sorry for his embarrassment that I matched upstairs to the bathroom and told him to clean himself up. When he came back looking so sheepish that I couldn’t help laughing. As he left I told him to go home and change into clean underwear and we might need two towels this afternoon.

…. more? ….