Written by blue lady

9 Jul 2005

My New Toy part two

I don’t know who was the most shocked, the window cleaner or me! In a moment of panic I tried to cover myself quickly with a sheet... The window cleaner looked perilously as though he was about to fall from the ladder…He dropped his shammy and hung on to the frame of my bedroom window. After a few moments I sort of regained my composure and looked at him slightly embarrassed, well very embarrassed if I am truthful.

He looked suitably sheepish and proceeded to climb down his ladder. I called to him “Hey you haven’t cleaned my windows!” “Err sorry, will be back in a few minutes” he called out.

I took the opportunity to get off the bed and slipped a robe on and leave my bedroom. I went into the kitchen and put the kettle on for a cup of tea to sooth my jangling nerves.

Just as the kettle boiled I here the gate go and turned to see the window cleaner walking up the path. He was still looking sheepish and kept his gaze to the ground. “Sorry missus” he muttered to the ground. “Me too” I said quietly, “I should have drawn the blinds”

“Would you like a cup of tea? For the shock?” I asked, “Erm… thank you that would be very nice” he said “but it wasn’t a shock as such” he said with a sly smile. I blushed and turned away. “White with two sugars please if the offer is still on” he said, gaining confidence now.

I handed him a mug of tea and was beginning to feel rather self conscious, I pulled my robe closer to me, and “no need to do that on my account” he said with a wink. I don’t forget I have seen you in your full glory”. I couldn’t look at him but had to smile, yes he had seen me in full flight really.” You certainly know how to enjoy yourself alone” he said “Mmmm case of having to” I replied.

“Can’t believe that” he said incredulously. I sighed and he asked why the sight. I l told him the situation with my lover and that I only get to see him every three or six months. “You poor love” he said, putting his cup on the worktop. You need to be taken care of more often than that.

Yes I thought I do, my toys are fine most of the time, but there is nothing like the feel of flesh against flesh... My whole body shuddered at the thought, the need of the touch of a man on my skin. He must have read my thoughts, he walked over to me and put his hand on my shoulder, I shivered. “You need to be looked after” he said as he turned me round to face him.

Suddenly all the loneliness of the past months hit home and I whispered “yes”. He put his finger under my chin and turned my head up to look into his face. “Let me take care of you, just for today” he whispered. He lifted me up into his arms and kissed me full on the lips. The kiss took my breath away and let the need in me out…

I threw my arms around him and kissed him back pressing myself into him. “Come here “he said gruffly and lifted me into his arms. Kissing me hard and long, he walked to the kitchen table. He sat me down on the edge, “Do you want me to take care of you? he asked looking straight into my eyes…. Yes…yessss…yes please, I whispered.

His hands began travelling over my body, caressing my neck and shoulders, down my arms on to my thighs, making me quiver…

“Lay down” he whispered, Lay down and let me take care of you. He pushed me gently down on to the table, and lifted my legs up in the air. My robe fell open exposing my body and the delicate bra and panties I had been wearing earlier. “MMmmmmmmm I remember these” he said as his hands travelling up from my stomach to my breasts, he caressed my 40DD breast’s through the delicate material. “Nice, very nice” his voice had changed, it was deeper sexier. He lifted my breasts out of the bra cups and gave a low whistle. “You have magnificent breasts”, I was arching my back, pushing my body into his hands, needing to feel his touch. “Yes please, yes, touch me, squeeze them, pull my nipples” I was so turned on, I needed to feel his big hands all over me.

He did as I asked and I was so turned on, “I want more” I cried, you will have more, more than you thought my girl, just you wait”

With that he let his fingers wander from my breasts and down to my panties. Slipped his thumbs into each side and expertly pulled the panties off me. “Oh yes” he said, “What a beautiful sight close up” as he pushed my legs apart exposing my smooth shaved pussy. “M, you smell delicious, do you taste as good?” he asked. Why don’t you find out I said and with that de brushed one hand over my pussy, letting a finger slip between the lips and he let out a low moan….”Oh wow you are so wet woman.” He murmured. He massaged my clit with an expert touch that drove me crazy “You like it do you?” he smiled at me. “Oh yes, yes oh please fuck me” I moaned out loud. “Fuck me please” “all in good time love” he whispered, “All in good time ” The next thing I knew his head was between my legs and his tongue was probing my dripping pussy. He licked and lapped at my pussy for what seemed like hours and I just couldn’t get enough. He knows how to tongue fuck a woman!

“You are a fountain of delicious nectar” he said when he finally came up for air. “You taste so sweet” I was floating in a dream like state; He had me cum over and over and over. He was a totally amazing lover of pussy. And I had not even experienced his cock yet?

To be continued