Written by jason hudson

17 Mar 2004

i have always fancied having sex with my neighbour. she is blonde in her late twenties early thirties and has a lovely figure and always chats to me when i am in the garden.

i have fantasised about her ever since i heard her and her husband fucking through my bedroom wall. i can hear her pant and she screams shes coming, and its even better in the summer when our windows are open. i once heard them chatting in their bedroom one summer and the next thing i heard was them going at it again. her squeals of delight really turn me on and i end up wanking with my ear to the wall. they usually have sex weekly but i cant always hear them clearly.

i usually spy on her out the window of my room whenever they have barbeques or she is sunbathing. one day she was sunbathing and when she got up off her towel i caught a glimps of the side of her tit and thigh. i really want to fuck her and whenever i get the chance i look out of the window and wank myself while i watch her.

well one day i was cutting the grass and i caught a glimps of her coming over to me. i stopped what i was doing and she asked me if i could do something for her. she wanted me to help her move her t.v. set to the other side of her front room. her husband was at work so i went in and helped her. all i kept thinking of was fucking her while her hubby was away.she was wearing a yellow low cut top and her cleavage was showing as she spoke to me. all i could do was stare at her hips and thighs in her tight jeans. she could tell i felt uncomftable being near her.

like a mug i told her i had better go and when i went to stand up she asked me to stay.she came over to me and sat next to me and asked me if i fancied her.she said she noticed me watching her at the window and then i confessed that i did fancy her.i never expected any of this and was quite taken back when she said she wanted to shag me. the way she said it made my heart pound and within seconds we were kissing.

i pulled her top off and she undid her bra. out popped her 36c size tits with big round errect pink nipples.her tits were really white with a very small mole on her left breast. she pulled at my shorts and pants and slide them down and i stepped out of them.my cock was hard and she grabbed it and licked the pre cum of it.as she sucked it she made noises then every so often she would stop sucking and look up at me and say "do you like that", "mmmm let me suck your balls". she was so dirty with her words.as she wanked my cock in her mouth she would lick the tip and flick her tounge over it.it wasnt long before she told me to go upstairs with her and with that i followed her to her room. as she slide out of her jeans and white knickers i couldnt keep my hands of her breasts. her cunt was nicley trimmed and when she layed on the bed i almost shot my load just looking at her.

she had a really full figure and she looked like a fucking hore lying there waiting for me.i knelt on the bed and she pulled me on top of her. i put my aching cock against her wet cunt lips and pushed the tip in slowly.she gasped then i pushed it right in.she let out little moans as i thrusted my penis into her. the faster i got the louder her excited moans got. she clamped her hands around my bum and i pumped her fast. i was a bit worried because i thought that her screams and moans would be heard and i thought someone would hear.about ten minutes of fucking her she got on all fours and i fucked her from behind while rubbing her arse with my thumb. she was so noisy then all of a sudden she screamed she was coming. we both colapsed in a heap. then she began to suck my cock and i said i was going to cum. next thing i shot my load into her mouth and down her chin.she swallowed some of it and then went to clean herself up.

we both talked and spent the rest off the afternoon fooling around having more sex in all different ways. when it was time to go we kissed and i told her to come over to my place sometimes.we continued our affair and she even spent some nights around my house after telling her husband she was staying at her mothers.i did wonder if he he could hear us fucking, then she told me that when she spent nights with me her hubby would comment sometimes on noise coming from my room.he still never cottoned on though.we have decided to go out tonight and she is going to wear a short black dress with no bra and knickers and a nice knee high pair of black boots and a pair of cat ears and a thin black colar. we are going to go clubbing to see if we can meet another couple or single female, i hope we get to have fun and if we do i will post the story here. if you liked the story you can always e-mail me at jason9@hotmail.com i like to have honest feed back on my story and see if it turns anyone on. thank you.