Written by xxx DaviD xxx

3 Jun 2006

The Brussels Connection

Several months ago I was asked to set up a new project for my company, in Europe. It meant being away from home four or five nights every week, staying in wonderful hotels. It was only meant to last for three months, and the money that I was offered was out of this world.

The first couple of weeks were fantastic; eating in superb restaurants, living like a gentleman of leisure, and then the novelty wore off. One hotel began to resemble another, and I was becoming bored and lonely.

Everything changed one night in Brussels. I had just finished eating a light lunch, when our European IT Director, Lesley Grant, entered the bistro. “David? Hi! I thought it was you,” she greeted me, kissing me on both cheeks, then sat down, next to me. I’d been introduced to her, the previous week, and had been mesmerised by her dark eyes, and sporty firm body. One of my assistants had told me that she had a ‘reputation’ among the female staff, and may have responsible for more than one executive being sent home to face their local directors music.

Without stopping for breath, she called the young waitress over and ordered more coffee. When she stood next to her, I felt Lesley’s stocking foot slide around my ankle, hidden by the large white tablecloth. She held the waitresses attention and slid her foot further up my leg, with the obvious effect in my boxers.

She loved every moment of my stifled embarrassment, and gave me a sly sultry look from the corner of her eye.

Lesley was a jolly, ‘feely-touchy’ type of person; nothing seemed to upset her, and she are incredibly self-confident, not surprising, for a 40 something multi-millionaire.

“How are you enjoying yourself? Is the hotel looking after you?” she laughed as she winked at me. I told her that it had been great, but with being away so much, I was bored and couldn’t wait to get home for some feminine company. She gazed right into my face,” we’ll have to remedy that”-

“Can’t have our executives feeling starved of affection”

While we drank our coffee, Lesley cheered me up, with stories about her life; she had been a vineyard manager in Spain, a market trader in London and even a ‘Lingerie model’ in Japan,

“The Japanese are fascinated by long legs and nylons”, ,,,,, “the job was made for me, I was more than a little sad when the contract came to an end” I felt compelled to ask” why, was the money good?” She smiled,,,,, “ the money was excellent” but it was the male attention that I miss”,,,,,, “oriental guys know how to please a lonely girl in a foreign land”, she smirked, licked her full red lips, and pierced my hungry thoughts with her deep dark eyes.

We finished our coffee, and she shuffled her feet back into her black stilettos. She accidentally knocked her purse onto the floor, “ be a dear and pick that up for me”, I reached down the side of the table to retrieve the wayward item, She lifted the edge of the table cloth to expose her lovely long legs, as my eyes traced along their elegant form, she adjusted her seating and opened her legs a little. I nearly chocked, I could see the very top of her stockings, and couldn’t help notice that she wasn’t wearing any thing to cover her modesty. I sat up and placed the purse next to her hand on the table, and looked at her. She was leaning back, with an arm over the back of her chair, This repose allowed a view into the front of her little black dress, her cleavage looked so warm and inviting. My cock jerked to instant attention, I could feel my face getting very warm, and perspiration under my shirt collar.

“What facilities does the hotel have”, she asked ,,,,,” a pool ,,,, and ,,,, err ,,,,, a steam room I think” I stammered.

“I’m going for a swim, will you join me?” she asked.

“I haven’t got a swimming shorts, with me,” I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head.

“I’ll buy you something, come with me,” and the next that I knew, we were standing in the hotel shop, and she was holding a pair of white shorts in front of me, “These look like your size,” she grinned. “they might be, but,,, the colour,,, they might not cover very much!”,,,” What do you mean” , she said, with menace in her eyes. “I laughed”, white has a habit of becoming see through when wet, as I picked out a more modest dark blue pair. “No! I like these one,” she said as she walked past me, telling the assistant to charge it to the company account. Handing them to me, she told me, “I’ll meet you in the pool.” Then disappeared.

I walked into the guys changing room, it was completely empty, and I looked at my reflection in the changing room mirror, “My God My man hood is still half erect and poking out !” I thought to myself. What will she think when I walk out to the side of the pool.

Self-conscious and embarrassed, I walked towards Lesley, who was the only person in the pool. she looked really good, as she leant against the side. Her firm breasts were nearly falling out of her top, and the briefs were so low and small, they couldn’t cover all of her gorgeous bottom.

Her dark hair was thick and wavy, and her tanned muscular body looked stunning in the afternoon sunlight, which bounced off the water, highlights dancing around her perfect curves.

She waved her hand, beckoning me beside her. “I was right, you look magnificent. Your wife is a very lucky woman, I will now feel guilty every time I send you away.”

I slid into the cold water, which instantly made my cock visible through the skimpy material. “Pleased to see me?” she laughed, as she raised her eyebrows. I grinned, as I swam away, doing a very basic breast- stroke. She quickly caught up, and chatted to me as we swam.

After five minutes I became tired, so we stopped. I held onto the pool- side, while Lesley teased me for being unfit, and tormented me by tickling my sides, and diving between my legs, tugging at my feet. I couldn’t remember the last time that I had laughed so much.

“Let’s go in the Jacuzzi,” she said, as she climbed out of the pool. She had already started the bubbles, when I approached. The smile on her face told me something was wrong, I looked down ,,,,,, my shorts had become transparent! not only could she see my semi erect cock, but my pubes were also, clearly visible! I looked shocked, and pretended to cover myself with my hands. The effect I was having on her was exciting me.

“You don’t need to do that, you look very manly,” she reassured me, as I sat beside her. Her constant chatter and flirting combined with the warm bubbles made me relax, very quickly.

Lesley put her arm around my shoulder, and began whispering, how sexy and gorgeous I was, and how much she’d fancied me when she had first met me at my interview. Then she kissed and nibbled my ear, it felt wonderful, I slid my hands around her waist and pulled her bikini top down to reveal her long hard nipples. One of her hands slowly stroked my shoulder as she slid the other inside my shorts


I should have stopped her, but I hadn’t had sex for over a week, and she was making my cock so very hard, her hand rolling around the tip of my rigid cock, while she sucked my nipple.

“Does that feel good?” she whispered, as she stroked my erection back and forth. I gasped, and nodded. I reached down the front of her bikini bottoms and inserted a finger, pressed my palm against her clit. Just using my wrist, I built up a rhythm, fingering her and rubbing her clit. She was pulling my cock so gently,,,, wanking me off in the water, I could only just control my impulse to shoot in to her hand, It felt so good I had to push my face into her cleavage, to stop myself screaming. I felt an orgasm tear through her. She pushed back and arched her body to let the full effect stream through her body, She slumped forward and kissed my neck passionately, sighing gently,,”fuck me , fuck me “ In my ear.

when I opened my eyes. she said, “Let’s go in the steam room,”. My legs were still shaking as we entered. Lesley whispered something to the young assistant, who grinned as he grabbed a couple of towels. “I’ve told him that I’ll give her €50, not to disturb us.” The boy winked, as he opened the door.

Obviously, it was incredibly hot, but that wasn’t going to stop her. Once inside we began kissing, all tongues and passion. I unclipped her bra, and dropped it to the floor. my tongue and hands ran over her nipples, making her groan, she dropped to her knees and began sucking the bulging knob at the end of my shaft. While she was doing this she was tugging her briefs to one side to expose her hot wet pussy.

We were now sweating heavily, which made the scene even sexier.

"Fuck me!” He whispered into my ear. she made herself comfortable on the bench, and pointed her round sweet ass into the air, she was moaning and groaning as I gently pushed my cock in to her, Slowly at first. Working it back wards and forwards, pressing against her clitoris. I continued doing this for a couple of minutes, then stopped, bent forward and kissed the edges of her pussy, sucking on her hard rose bud clit.

“I don’t want to make love.” she purred, “I want you to fuck me! Fuck me! Put it in! Fuck me!”

With one thrust, I slid inside. I gasped and groaned. My cock felt wonderful as it filled her fanny. each deep thrust, made her moan a little louder, Sweat was dripping from both of our bodies as we hammered away, fucking like a wild animals.

Easing herself back, Lesley ordered me, “on your knees I was incredibly turned on and soaked in sweat. I took up the position that she wanted. Her legs were now wide apart for easy access. She stood in front of me and pressed her pussy against my face, my tongue slipped between her lips. I felt her body tense as she gushed come into my mouth and over my face, hot sweet and sticky come running down my face and dripping onto my chest.

“Do you like this?” he asked. “Yes,” I whispered. “I can’t hear you. What did you say?” she laughed. “Yes! Yes! I like it!” I shouted.

I had always wanted my wife to talk like this during sex, but she had never been very willing; it came very natu; les. She loved to scream, and express her self vocally while she was experiencing pleasure, and it was such a magical turn on.

“What do you like? She said. What do you like!” she continued, “I love being sucked!” I grunted, as I clung onto the wooden seat.

“mmmmmmmmmm” She took my cock deep in her mouth and began to suck hard and harder, playing with her pussy while she sucked, she worked my cock up, teasing me with the tip of her tongue. She was getting so turned on by the situation, pushing her fingers deep inside her soaking wet pussy while she hungrily

Chewed on my knob. I could feel myself reaching the point of no return, I pushed her face away to shoot my come over her beautiful tits, she loved it, rubbing my cum into her heaving cleavage. She masturbated wildly and sucked the remaining cum from the end of my cock.

We slumped into the soft white towels and panted breathlessly, exhausted from the experience, after a few moments, les reached over and caressed me while we recovered.

When I had dressed, I was surprised to see Lesley waiting for me in the bar. She was drinking a martini and had a glass of scotch, for me.

Embarrassed at my behaviour with a relative stranger, who was also my boss; I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I muttered, “I’m sorry, I’m so very sorry. That must never happen again. You mustn’t tell anyone what I did.”

She took my hand, “As long as you agree to keep seeing me, no one will never find out. But….” she paused, “ If you don’t, who knows what I would do?” she was smiling, and her eyes told me that she wasn’t serious, just teasing my ego.

I hardly slept that night, thinking about Lesley. The sex had been better than anything I had ever experienced, during or before my marriage. I wanted more, but knew that I had merely been her afternoon’s entertainment.

I am no longer based in Brussels, but whenever the company needs someone to 'clinch' an order I am only a phone call away!

And Lesley always likes her top executives close at hand.