Written by Dave

24 Nov 2005

My sister in law had a fire in her house a few months ago and she and her 2 children moved in with us while she was her house sorting out.

The kitchen and the all of the downstairs had to be completely refurbished and the rest of the house needed redecorating. I got volunteered for a lot of the overseeing of the tradesmen who did all the work. They seemed to think that as it was being paid for by the insurance company they could do the work when they felt like it. I seemed to spend hours round there or on the phone sorting out plumbers, electricians, plasterers and painters. The final job was the fitting of the new carpets. They came at the end of last week and finally the replacement furniture delivered to the house ready for her to move back in. It just left the kids bedroom furniture that had had to be delivered to us and stored in our garage. It was all flat packed. I hired a van and delivered it to the house last Saturday and set about putting a couple of wardrobes, high level beds, and desks together. It took most of Saturday and when I was finished I felt shattered. I took my self off to the bathroom to clean my self up and decided after a shower to enjoy a long soak in the bath.

I heard the front door open and close and Lynda my sister in law called out where was I. I just shouted back that I was in the bath. She replied that she would make me some tea. I heard her moving about in the bedrooms and then the bathroom door opened. She walked in wearing just her bathrobe. I went to cover myself up by she just laughed and told me that she was going to give me a present for all the work I had done.

She slipped off her robe and joined me in the bath sitting at the opposite end. She took a bar of soap and started to work up an lather in her hands. I was getting very hard watching her and tried to touch her breats but she told me to wait. After what seemed like an eternity she told me to lift my bum up so my cock was above the water. She then started to wank me with her lather covered hands. The feeling was incredible. After a minute or so she moved so she was squatting over my cock and simply guided me into her pussy. I was now able to reach her breasts and hungrily licked, sucked and nibbled her nipples as she fucked me. The sensation with the water soap and her pussy was out of this world. She was soon cumming herself and let out a masive scream as she orgasmed. I almost immediately shot my load deep inside her. We just lay there for a few minutes recovering.

She then got out of the bath and put on her robe. She told me to get out so she could dry me off.

I sat on the edge of the bath as she knelt in front of me drying my feet and legs. My cock was starting to grow again and she leant forward and started to lick my balls and the end of my cock. Her tongue was moving all the time an soon I was fully hard again. She carried on tongueing my cock and then she said it is time you fucked me. She stood up pushed her robe off her and leant forward holding on to the vanity unit as I got behind her. I eagerly pushed my cock into her pussy and slowly started to fuck her. Her bumhole was so inviting that i eased a finger into it as used my other hand to play with her breasts and nipples. She was soon purring and pushing herself back against me as I thrust into her. I knew she was about to cum again but this time I managed to make sure I didn't. I just slapped her bum cheeks very hard as she had her orgasm and immediately she came again. I slapped her again this time as i pushed right into her and again she had another orgasm. I knew I could do anything to her so told her I was going to fuck her ass. I used some of her juices to lube her ass and slowly eased my cock into her ass. She flinched at first but I just carried on until my cock was buried right inside her bum. I used long strokes to fuck her as she was almost immediately helping her thrusting at the same rate as me. I told her that she was a great fuck and called her a horny bitch and slapped her bum again. She screamed out and called me a bastard. I then told her she was my slut and I was going to fuck her whenever I wanted and again slapped he cheeks. Her cheeks were by now quite red and I could see my hand prints on her bum. I carried on fucking her and each time she had an orgasm I slapped he bum until I finally emptied my second load in to her.

After a a while just enjoying my cock deep inside her I took my cock out and she stood up turned around and for the first time she kissed me passionately.

We got under the shower and cleaned each other up. We both got dressed and we went downstairs.

She was still feeling horny so we had a snog and groping session in her kitchen with me bringing her off with 3 fingers.

She is actaully moving in tomorow during the day and I am going round there to make sure there are no more problems that need a man to deal with while her kids are at school.