Written by darren

16 Mar 2005

i had always fancied my sisterinlaw , she is a brunette whilst my wife is blonde, she had had an affair for two years that my brother inlaw didnt know about ,but i did, the thought of her fucking someone else always turned me on , i used to picture her with her thighs spread and this guy who i knew pounding away at her pussy, anyway i owed my brother inlaw a favour and to pay him back i said i would wallpaper his bathroom for him, the first day i went round my sister inlaw dressed in shorts and t,shirt so she didnt spoil her clothes was finishing off the paintwork, every time she bent over i could see down her top, getting a good view of her lovely perky pink nipples,as we were working in such a small space we kept brushing up against each other , i told that all this contact was making me horny, she laughed and said well you can handle it cant you, on that i made a move on her and she responded, it was a dream come true we were kissing and grabbing each other, and i couldnt get my overalls off quick enough,she pulled off her t,shirt and let her lovely tits swing free, i helped her out of her shorts and pants and just lay her down on the bathroom floor.i was soon sucking on her clit she has a lovely dark bush which i parted and worked my tongue up her hole, she was asking me to put my cock in as she was going to cum if i kept on sucking, i rubbed my cock up and down her slit and slowly worked the head in, she let out a deep moan as i inched every bit of it right up her , boy what a fuck, she lifted her legs up as far as they would go and kept grinding back on to my cock,we fucked our way to heaven and back when she cried out that she was going to cum , i couldnt hold back any longer, and was spurting up her as she was cumming on my cock, when i pulled out her cunt looked lovely with my cum oozeing out , i couldnt resist giving it another good sucking,we never had sex again butwe have both said we have no regrets for what happened...ps i did finish the bathroom..