Written by m@c

3 Sep 2006

My special nights out started a few years ago. For the past few years once a month or so I have been having a night out while hubby staid at home and looked after the kids. It was his idea he said I need to let my hair down a little and have a bit of fun. The first time I want out as I left he kiss and hugged me and said this is your night out spend as much as you like, go anywhere you want and do anything you like just have fun. When I got home I started to tell him where I had been but he stopped me and said it was your night out I don’t want to know where you have been, how much you spent or who you was with, just tell me if you had a good time. Whenever I want out he would say the same thing. About six months later as I in the shower getting ready to go out hubby popped his head round the door and said I have got you a present its on the bed I want and had a look he had bought me 3 complete new set of clothes the hole works, high heel shoes stockings and suspenders, short skirts and low tops ect. Picking out some I got dressed I felt a bit self conscious the clothes were a lot more revealing than I normally wear as I got down stairs hubby whistled and said I look great, I am sure as he gave me the usual hug and kiss he had a hard on. I had a good night out the new clothes seemed to give the guys the green light although I had plenty of guys wanting to dance before now they where queing up and there hands were wondering all over me I was getting very turned on. When I got home hubby put his hand up my skirt feeling my pussy and asked if I had a good I said a very good time thanks. That night in bed I was horny thinking about the guys groping me I don’t know what hubby was thinking about but he was excited as well we had one of the best fucks we had had for sometime.

The next time I want out hubby hugged and kissed me and said the usual things but this time he put his hand up my skirt rubbed my pussy through my pants then gave it a pat and said repeated you can do anything you like. Nothing much happen that night.

A few days later I was putting some clean clothes in his draw when I found a wank magazine nothing unusual we would often read them together but I had not seen this one it was opened on the letters page as I read one of the letters the penny dropped it was all there, the special night out, the new clothes, what he said as I left the house, not wanting to know about my night apart from if I had a good time. Like me the girl in the story had only ever had sex with her hubby. The only difference was when the girl in the letter had gone out in the new clothes she had fucked another man, is that why he had put his hand up my skirt when I had got back the last couple of times was he trying to feel if I had fucked some else, did he want me to fuck some one else?

As I was getting ready to go out the next time hubby ask me to shave my pussy he knew that I got horny when ever I shaved my pussy. All that night as I danced with different guys I kept thinking shall I fuck one of them and I might have if I had found one that I really liked but it was not to be. Hubbys hand was straight up my skirt was that a look of disappointment on his face I am sure it was.

The next time I want out once again hubby asked me to shave my pussy and then as he gave me the usual kiss and hug he lifted up my skirt pulled my knickers off and said its hot out tonight you will be cooler with out these.

Now I was 100% sure he wanted me to fuck someone and if the right guy was there I was going to do it. It was getting to look like hubby was going to be disappointed again but about an hour before the club closed I felt a hand tap me on the shoulder I turned round and this gorgeous guy asked me to dance. As we moved on to the dance floor I had butterflies in my stomach and a tingling between my legs. As we danced I could feel the sexual tension building up between us his hand slowly moved up the back of my skirt me reached my naked bum as he fondled and rubbed my bum I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. He stopped and looked at me and asked if I was wearing pants I did not reply I just moved his hand from my bum round to my pussy, fucking hell shaven as well can we go out side I want you badly he said. I said ok but you have to walk me home if you want to fuck me.

We stopped a couple of times for a kiss and grope on the way I lead him to a park a few minutes away from home. We found a picnic bench in a corner soon I was laying on the top skirt round my waist as he licked and fingered my pussy, at one time he had two fingers in my cunt and one up my bum that made me cum like mad hubby had never finger my bum it was good. Then he stopped to undo his trousers I said I would do it I got his cock out it was not as long as hubbys but it was thicker with a big head I sucked and licked his shaft and balls before taking it in my mouth. After a few minutes he pulled me up turned me round and bent me over the bench I open my legs wide he moved in behind me then I felt his cock entering my pussy the thickness of his cock stretched my pussy he fucked me slowly at first then hard and fast until he stopped deep inside me, I felt his cock pulsing then filling my pussy with cum.

As I made the short walk home I could feel the wetness between my legs I hoped I was right I hoped this is what hubby wanted.

As soon as I got in hubby was there hand going up my skirt I pushed it away and told him I have had a fantastic night out and I was going up to bed. I asked him to follow me up in a few minutes; I striped off and laid on the bed with my legs slightly bent up and wide open. There was no mistaking what I had been doing hubby would know I had fucked as my thighs and pussy were a mess covered in juices and cum reaching down spread it over my shaven mound. I almost changed my mind and made a dash for the shower if he had been a bit longer I would have but I heard him coming up stairs my hart was my mouth as I waited, as he walked in this eyes locked on to my used pussy. His face was a picture of surprise and shock but his cock was instantly hard sticking out of his dressing gown I was very relived I can tell you. He move on to the bed to have a closer look his hands spread my pussy lips apart as he did so I could feel more spunk flow out and trickle down over my bum hole. His head moved between my legs, tentative at first I felt his tongue licking my bold mound then his mouth closed over it sucking like mad, moving down he eagerly licked and sucked each side of my cunt then cleaning up the cum round my bum, finely he open up my pussy again his tongue probing into my pussy. I lost control I push his head hard in to my pussy, grinding and smearing my used cunt all over his face, I had one of the most intense organisms I have ever had. As I calmed down hubby moved up my body his cock slipped into me but in his excited state he came almost straight away.

The next day it was if it never happened we never talk about my nights out most of time nothing happens on but occasional it dose. I will post more stores of my nights out if any one is interested.