Written by Dave

6 May 2005

My first swinging experience was on holiday in Tunisia.My wife and I met a young arab boy on the beach who gave camel rides.He was very horny dark skinned and had a very fit body.I knew my wife liked him from the start as she started flirting with the lad.One day he offered to take us on a longer camel ride and during this I noticed how he was getting more attentive towards her always helping her on and off the camel.He would accidently brush her tits with his hand over her t shirt and i could see that this made her nipple go hard.Then he touched her knee and each time let his hand linger that bit longer each time.They passed the usual flirty banter and the scene was getting a bit electric.we had gone for about three miles and she said she was getting a bit uncomfortable and could we stop.Whilst we were there another arab lad arrived and both lads chatted for a while in arabic.The other lad carried on into the desert.My wife got helped back onto the camel this time he helped her and put his hand on the saddle as she sat down I thought she would get annoyed but to my surprise didn't.She just let out a little squeel,and smiled and they both looked at me as if to see if I approved-which I must say I did -and very much so -seeing a this arab lad flirting and touching my normally straight wife gave me a huge turn on.He then said he knew a place to take us on the beach where not many tourists have found we could then sunbathe.He said to me "Your wife she is very sexy"and I said something like she is and we all smiled.During the journey he still kept accidently touching her and each time got a bit braver until he was actually palcing his hands on her tit and rubbing her nipples.I said to her what's his hands like to which she said he has a rough touch and has hard callouses probably from the camel rope.I said it's probably not just his hands thats hard and rough! to which she lughed and said " we'll have to see" I couldn't believe i was hearing my wife saying slutty things.It was great and my mind was working overtime now.We arrived at the beach and he laid out a sheet to sit on and as before helped her down and accidently on purpose tripped backwards ending up with her on top of him on the floor they both rolled over and he hugged her and emediately put his hand down and explored her pussy over her flimsy shorts.It happened so quickly she pushed him away and looked a bit embarrassed i thought that had done it!-but no she smiled and said to me hes a horny sod aint he?I said is he as hard and rough as you thought? she said I don't know but think so!so I said " why don't you find out?!he was smiling and said could he put some sun lotion on us we agreed and he started to rub some into her legs and as he got up near her shorts gently worked higher up the leg she was geting a bit twitchy and pushed his hand away next she then lifted her t shirt up so he could do her back she was obviously enjoying his hands on her and i kept thinking of his hard callouses messaging my wifes skin.He had a hard on.and he had a wet patch on his shorts I did too!He rubbed lotion on her tummy and moved slowly but surely higher and then he was messaging her tits I knew this would turn her on so much as sheusually loved me playing with her 36d tits sure enough she put her head back and started to writhe in exctasy he then slpped her t shirt over her head. I couldn't believe the sight i was seeing my wife being groped and turned on by a young arab guy and clearly liking it while I watched.She looked at me as if asking for permission to go further in unspoken agreement i smiled back.She took his top off and oiled him up he was very athletic with a sixpack.They kissed passionately and he quickly lost his shorts revealing a enormous cock about 81/2 ins in its full hard glory she was in heaven as he took her hand and placed it on his tool-she laughed and said to me "He even has a rough calloused cock"!and i said "He probably wanks it a lot which she replied "Poor lad should we help him out"?I said "Sure if you want".I loved it too -feeling very horny I wanted to shoot my load there and then.But he said to me "Why you not fuck her"? I just did just that and started to pound in and out of her she was very wet and told me to stop and don't be greedy he was wanking right next to us she said"Let him have a go-I want his cock in me"! so I moved over and he took over kissing and fondling her then he slipped the tip of his cock on her fanny lips she grabbed wantonly on his ass and pulled his cock into her waiting pussy she cooed with contentment as he started hammering away inside my whore of a wife.I wanked and played with her tits.We were in a different world not caring about anything.The next thing I saw three other arab lads in their teens appear all naked and touching each others huge erections and smiling widely-i thought my wife won't like this but to my amazement and joy it just made her more rampant!She yelled "Its great I want them all to fuck me"! it was manic we were a mass of bodies in sexual delight she was getting five guys fucking her senseless and I even had cocks in my mouth oozing spunk I loved the taste of their spunk too and now cannot get enough of it having found a bi side to my life which I probabbly wouldn't have had it not been for my holiday and my staid wife.So maybe someday if out dogging with or without my wife, I get to meet you and you're cute and you feel a bit horny (as lads do from time to time)- please don't be shy make contact with me now and cum over explore your gay or bi side too you too might like it?