Written by nathan

18 Feb 2004

Ten years after my mother died my father remarried, I’d known that he was seeing someone from work, but as yet I hadn’t seen her.

That was all about to change when my father decided to bring her home for dinner at the weekend. He’d told me that her name was Sam, and that I would like her.By the time the weekend arrived, I was starting to get nervous, I don’t know why, I just felt apprehensive about it all. I very nearly made a fool of myself when my father pulled up the path of our house, because the first person that got out was this gorgeous blonde bombshell. You see I thought my father’s girlfriend had a young daughter, for this woman couldn't have been more than eighteen, but before I managed to put my foot in it, my father introduced her as Sam.

I was shocked I just didn’t know what to say, as she put her hand out to shake mine with. I recovered quickly by saying something nice like, a pleasure to meet you, but she must have seen my jaw drop, for she smiled at me as she passed to enter the house. We spent a pleasant enough evening at dinner, then talked for a couple of hours before my father took her back home. I couldnt stop thinkin bout her

She had an incredible body, with tanned legs all the way to the top and thighs that just made me hard looking at them. But of all her attributes, the ones that stood out the most were her tits .I saw her a few times after that, at least once a fortnight anyway, when my father would bring her home for dinner. Then before I knew it, they were married and she was moving in. We got on really well straight away, with her never bothering me with anything trivial and always including me in whatever they were doing. In fact everything was going really well, until that phone call from the hospital.

It seems my father had been involved in an accident on the way to work, and although he was alive, he wasn’t out of danger. Of course we rushed off to the hospital, only to find out that he was in a coma. We both stayed by his bed for three days, until he woke up all on his own thank god. He wasn’t out of the woods just yet, but he was going to live, and for the first time in three days we went home to pack some things for him.

We’d both been in too much shock to be very emotional, but once we started to pack a few things for him, Samantha was the first to break down in tears of joy. I walked over to her and hugged her tightly, which she reciprocated by hugging me back. I really don’t know how the next two minutes happened, for suddenly she was kissing me full on the lips, and I was returning the kiss.

I think the emotional few days had made both of us want someone to hold, and be intimate with. Without a word we were suddenly taking each others clothes off, I had dreamt about this sort of thing with Sam, but never once thought it might come true. My hands trembled as I unhooked her bra and let it fall to the floor, then stood back slightly to take in her gorgeous tits.

She reached for my zip, and skilfully removed my jeans kneeling down to take my feet out of them, then removing my boxers, still in the kneeling position. My hard cock sprang out in front of her face, and I knew what was coming next. She reached up taking my cock in one hand, then licked around the ridge slowly and purposely before sliding it slowly into her mouth.

I looked down to watch, and it was as if I was watching a slow motion porn film, for she took my eight inch cock all the way, with out so much as a murmur. So slowly but oh so expertly, as she brought it back out she looked up at me letting the cock slide back in. I thought she was unbelievable, as she continued this pleasure I was receiving, and when she started to move her hand in time with her mouth, I knew that I was about to cum.

She must have known too, for suddenly she picked up the pace, and that was all I needed, for I let go and watched as not a single drop escaped her lips. She used her hand to pump me dry, then stood up licking her lips. We almost fell onto the bed after that, with me getting into a position that I’d wanted to try since the day I’d met her. Parting her legs I reacted favourably upon discovering she had shaved her pussy, and started to lick her clitoris with passion.

I slowed after a while, wanting her to enjoy this moment just as much as I did. I ran my tongue slowly around the delicate folds of her outer walls, occasionally running it over her clitoris, but not getting carried away. Then I started to dart in and out of her pussy with the tip of my tongue, lapping up the juices that were now flowing freely. Then I must have sent her crazy when I repeatedly moved her clitoris this way and that, for she was suddenly asking me to fuck her.

I’d never heard her swear before, but could understand how a moment like this could make you crazy for it. I stopped licking and sucking and climbed up her body, kissing and fondling her breasts as I did so. Then I was between her legs, and I so wanted to feel my cock sliding into her wet pussy. She stopped me momentarily, asking me to go slowly at first.

I pushed it forward as slowly but forcefully as possible, the folds of her moist skin giving way to the pressure, which allowed my cock to slide in. She felt tight, as I sank into the depths of her love canal, and moaned out loud as I reached the end of my thrust. Then I brought it out only to send it back in again, then I picked up the pace just a little, making her moan some more.

I looked down at her face as I raised myself above her with both arms; her face was that of an angel, her cheeks flushed as she began to have her first orgasm. Then I speeded up and watched her eyes open to look back at me, I never stopped as I put my head down to kiss her tender lips. My thrusts now got faster as I was reaching a climax, her tongue rolled around her lips, as her eyes rolled back a little.

The face of sheer bliss I thought as I started to cum for the second time that day, she wanted it deep inside her for she suddenly gripped my arse cheeks and pulled me into her body to stay there for a while. We kissed and made love again that night, and we have made love often over the following months. My father has fully recovered, but he knows nothing of what happened during his absence, and that’s the way it will remain.