Written by Dave

18 Oct 2005

We are a couple aged 36. Lynne, my wife is a bit of a snob tending to look down her nose at people and pretends to be very sophisticated. She has kept a great figure. She is petite but with decent sized breasts and a nice tight bum.

One night we had been to dinner with some friends and she had hit the wine quite strongly. A fair amount of wine makes her very adventerous and horny so I knew I was in for a good time when we got home.

As we drove along an idea formed in my mind. I had done a little dogging in the past and knew all the local sites one of which we passed close to on our way home. I glanced across at her and then said that I needed to pee and pulled into the doggers place parking beneath the trees. I got out and relieved myself returning to the car to put my arm around her. Wonderful - She responded.

I could see movement in the bushes and knew we were being watched. I eased her blouse off and unclipped her bra teasong her nippples erect with my fingers and then my tongue as my other hand worked betweeen her legs slipping down her thong panties. I could see that our watcher was closer and wondered how she would react as his nerve improved. The night was still and warm and although the car doors were locked er had the roof open slightly to prevent any misting up. As I played with her her eyes were closed and she didn't see the guy approach our car standing slightly behind her. I glanced out and saw that he was in his early 20s, slim and not bad looking. As I watched he opened the zip of his jeans and took out a semi erect cock of quite a reasonable size. As he stroked it his cock grew to quite a long thick endowment. Just then Lynne turned sideways and saw him. She jumped and I held on to her whispering that it was ok and the guy was just watching. She said that she wasn't happy about it but her pussy was telling a different story. She had become very wet indeed. I persuaded her to let him see more and more and she gradually became more excited and relaxed. I asked her if she would like to feel his cock and she nodded saying nothing. I looked around then pressed the switch to lower the window. The guy looked in at her and put his hand on the car door then reached out to cup her left breast. Lynne responded by giving a shuder as her nipples went very hard indeed. Then he reached out for her hand and guided it to his cock. Her slim fingers closed around its girth and began to move back and forth as she explored its whole length. He reached into the car and I watched his young fingers exploring her pussy finding her enlarged clitty he rubbed it and then his fingers moved in and out of her shaved pussy. I could see that she was getting more and more turned on buy the treatment she was getting. He whispered to her and she opened the car door wide. Instantly his head was between her thighs and he was licking at her pussy and clitty his hands pushing her legs wide apart. Looking up I saw that she had taken his cock in her mouth and her head was moving back and forth as she sucked. They did this for a good while until I saw her body go rigid and her grunting as she came in wave after wave. When she subsided he pulled away and moved her legs out of the car and stood between them with his long hard cock sticking out. He reached into his pocket and pulled on a condom while Lynne urged him to give it to her. He lowered his position and I leaned over to see him work the thick tip onto her and then slide fully home in one long hard thrust. Lynne almost came on the spot and abandoned herself to the pleasure of his hard demanding thrusts. I could hear the wet sloppy sounds as he drove into her. Then he pulled out and turned her around so than she was bent into the car as he took her from behind. Her legs were apart and I could see the thick base of his cock as he stretched her pussy wide. I reached down and felt her as he was moving in and out. He seemed not to mind so I felt the base of his shaft slippery with her juices as he renewed his pleasuring of her. I had moved further over and suddenly I found her mouth around my cock. The excitement for me was unbelieveable. Here was my stuck up wife sucking my cock while a total stranger fucked her from behind. Her boobs were bouncing in my hands as I heard him begin to grunt as he shot his load deep inside her. She let my cock go as he pulled out of her and turned to face him looking down at his cock. I passed out the tissue and we all cleaned up. He told us that he visited the place quite often and knew many of the people and filled us in on who was creepy and who was nice. Eventually he gave us his mobile number and drove off. Lynne turned to me and began to suck me again to a raging hard before getting out of the car and saying 'Do you want some of what he has just had?' I needed no second invitation running round the car as she bent into it. I thrust into her pussy still wet from her excitement and well stretched from the thick cock she had just taken. I was so excited it was over too soon and my cum jetted into her. I pulled out and we cleaned up for the second time before driving slowly home.

We have been back there since and had some great fun with him and others.