Written by Karen

27 Mar 2005

Being a divorced 61yo female living in a farmhouse on 5 acres in the country does not give you much of an opportunity to have many lovers.

10 years ago I had changed my lifestyle and way of life. I stoped wearing bras at home and durning summer went knickerless. Eventually I stopped wearing bras and knickers at home and started to venture out with no underwear on.

I went to buy the newspaper on Sunday morning without underwear and on the shelf I saw a nudist magazine. I brought it and hurried home to read it, I was going nude at home now and venturing outdoors to enjoy the warm sunshine and getting an all over tan. My friend Jan (58yo and always wore white full brief knickers) knew of my prefence for nudity and not wearing any underwear went through the mazazine with me.

I read an ad from a guy named Geoff who was looking for a female friend to enjoy the nudist lifestyle with. It only had a phone no and after weeks of deciding i rang him one night. He was 50yo and divorced and he did not bother that I was 61yo.

I agreed to meet with Geoff on Saturday morning at 10am in a park in a nearby town. He lived 150km from my home, and had no problem with that. Jan and I decided that I wear a light blue dress with no underwear underneath, but you could see the dark patch of my pubes through the thin material.

I told Jan I was going to fuck him before I brought him home as I wanted a cock so desperately as it had been a long time since I had a hard one. I unbuttoned the top buttons to my cleverage and below my crotch. As I walked towards Geoff the wind blew up my dress exposing my pubes and I got the effect I wanted.

Geoff and I then went to a local picnic area in an adjoining national park and found a quiet spot to fuck. He was so impressed that I chose a thin dress and he was so happy I had nothing on underneath it and the sight of my pubes caused a stir in his balls. We spread the blanket and I unbuttoned all the buttons so Geoff could see my breasts and fanny. He unbuttoned his shirt and dropped his trousers and like me he had no underpants on, he prefers to freeball all the time.

Getting to know Geoff was so easy and holding and sqeezing his cock and shaved balls helped. I like to milk a cock of all its cum, so as he is about to cum I stop for a minute to allow him to relax and do it 6 times. By this time he has little cum in his balls and most of it is in the tube to be ejected. I told Geoff to slide his cock in my cunt and give me the fuck of my life. I was on the point of orgasm, when my bladder emptied my warm piss all over Geoffs cock and balls and down my bum crack. Geoff filled my cunt with his warm cum and when his cock went limp I inserted a tampon in my hole as I did not want his cum to escape. I love the feeling of cum inside me and had no intention of loosing it.

I then sucked his limp cock hard again and it is a good feeling having a cock grow hard in your mough. Geoff eventually came in my mough and I swallowed his cum and licked his cock and balls clean.

I suggested that he follow me home to get better acquanted. When we got back to our cars I removed my dress and gave it to Geoff and drove home in the nude. There was not many cars on the country road and half an hour later we arrived.

Both of us were nude of course and enjoying coffee on the front patio when Jan arrived. Geoff did not bother to cover up and rose to greet her with half erection, embracing and pushing his cock into her dress. Geoff asked Jan to undress and join us, he was surprised she wore no bra and white full brief knickers. Jan kept her knickers on, as Geoff had me lye on my back as he fingered my clitoris. I knew what would happen next and as I started to orgasm in estacy I sprayed my piss in an arch over my tummy, with Geoff catching it in his mough.

Geoff finally removed Jan's knickers and started to finger her clit and suck her small 32A breasts, and her nipples were fully erect. I loved seeing Geoff slide his cock all the way to his balls into her cunt and seeing her orgasm was delightful. It wes her first good fuck in 4 years and she was in heaven.

We fucked all weekend and on Sunday morning Jan and I took turns to suck on Geoff's cock and we both sucked his cum dry. We headed to the bath shower and all pissed together before showering before breakfast.

Geoff moved in a month later and we have sex every day and I wake him by sucking his cock of every morning before breakfast.

We go nude all the time at home and sex is when ever we want it, and most day's its 2 to 3 times. Jan comes over once a week for a good fuck and stays the night and always the 3 of us share the bed together.