Written by Brian

29 Aug 2004

My name is Brian I posted a few days ago with a story about my second wife Diane. It seems some people liked it so I thought I would add a bit of history. My first wife's name was Daphne and I often get their names mixed up. Daphne and I married in August and, as things were in those days, we started off renting two rooms with use of kitchen and bathroom. The one thing that happened that directly concerned Daphne occurred a couple of days before Christmas that year, in other words four months after we were married. Daphne worked as the Managing Director's secretary in an office where about a dozen people worked, they always threw a Party for the employees just before Christmas.

On this occasion I got home before Daphne did and when an hour or so later she came in it was obvious that she was under the influence. Now normally she was quite reserved and, although we had sex at least twice every day, she rarely instituted it. However, when she came in she kissed me passionately and I made some comment about her being drunk. She laughed but continued to cling to me. I needed no other invitation and kissing her, I unbuttoned her blouse, pulled her bra clear of her breasts and started kissing and sucking them. She was so obviously in the mood that I knelt in front of her and lifting her skirt found her french-knickers to be absolutely saturated.

She loved oral, which she had never experienced before we met, but that's another story. So I pulled her knickers down and threw them on a chair then applied my mouth to her cunt. Just kissing it made her come, so I pushed my tongue between the open lips and started teasing her clit. She had a huge come and started lubricating in a way she never had before. That's when I tasted spunk in her juice. I said, "Have you been fucked at the party?"

"Certainly not!" she replied, slurring her words.

I said, "I'm sure you have." It really turned me on and I got my cock out and was just pushing into her willing cunt when the doorbell rang. I somehow knew it was for us so I stood, tidied Daphne up, noticing the stream of love-juice falling from her cunt onto the carpet, and tucked her knickers under a cusshion just before our landlady called out that we had a visitor. It turned out to be a friend of Daphne's who had just found out where we now lived. Fortunately, before the friend came in, Daphne closed her legs tightly together and saved us the embarrassing possibility of her friend thinking she was unable to control herself.

There was a very uncomfortable, stilted conversation for about ten minutes before Francis, for that was her name, made an excuse and left, as they say!

Immediately I pushed Daphne onto the sofa and pulling her clothes up, entered her. She was still lubricating profusely, which made everything very easy, and she just lay there and let me fuck her. I deliberately pulled her blouse open and her bra away from her breasts and when the time came about ten minutes later shot my load all over her breasts. There was spunk and fanny juice everywhere, it was really messy but one of the most satisfying fucks I'd ever had up to that point.

Afterwards I took Daphne up to the bathroom and cleaned her up and then put her to bed. God knows what our landlady thought! I was never convinced after this that my wife was incapable of deceiving me and perhaps that contributed to the fact that I was unfaithful to her for the twenty-one years we were married. To be honest I fucked every woman who crossed my path, including a couple of her friends, but mainly women I encountered in my working life. This was so easy for me because for a large part of it I was calling on housewives, although they were by no means my only 'victims'. All I would say, apart from the sheer immorality of what I did, is that I never forced a woman or paid for one. Every one willingly had sex with me and quite a few instituted it.

There are plenty of stories I could recount about those times but for the moment I will stick to my present wife Diane. I knew what Diane was before we got together and I won't bore you with the hstory of how we met. Diane is one of those women, and there are plenty of them around, for whom one man is never enough. They like the thrill of having other men and, certainly in Diane's case, thoroughly enjoy sex with whoever. When I met Diane I loved her to distraction and, despite all that has happened since, still do. When we first married I wanted two years of her to myself, I was lucky, I got nearly three before it became obvious that she had met someone she was interested in.

Fortunately we had talked about the eventuality and I had told her that I would not stand in her way if such a thing happened. She agreed that, if possible, I could at least see the man if and when it occurred. She was running a cafe at the time and this man had become a regular visitor and had asked her out. I asked her if that was what she wanted, and she said it was. So one day, when I had a day off, I visited the cafe and had a coffee, neither of us 'recognised' each other and Diane managed to indicate the man in question. Not realising that he was being watched he again made a play for Diane so I gave her a discreet nod and she arranged to see him.

Diane had her own car and I made only two rules, that she should not appear with him locally, for she was well known to many people, and that she should return at a reaonable hour, i.e. one a.m., she agreed.

Well that was the first time and I will describe what transpired at a later date.